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10 Weirdest Things Sold In Japanese Vending Machines – Vending Machines, Japan, Japanese Vending Machines, Weird, Travel, Places

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Japan has the highest density of vending machines in the world based on population and land area, and their vending machines serve just about anything you can imagine, from food and clothing to household items. bizarre collection. They also sell things you never wanted, needed, or thought about buying from a vending machine, and this weird vending machine content has made Japanese vending machines legendary around the world.

1Horned beetles

Kabutomushi (horned beetles) are considered both a lucky charm and a fun toy in Japan, and live beetles are sold in vending machines so that children can play with them and insect collectors can use them. add to their collection as Pokemon. Kabutomushi machines were so popular with buyers that other types of insects began to appear in the machines, such as tarantulas, praying mantises, and cockroaches, so that insect collectors could further expand their collections.

2A girl’s phone number

If you have the confidence and charisma to talk to women you can get their phone number the old fashioned way, but if you lack confidence or are a creepo you can just buy the number from one. random girl in a vending machine. machine! Phone chat is big business in Japan, and phone numbers sold in vending machines really work, although you may end up paying more for the privilege of talking to a real girl live on a chat line. But hey, if you’re lonely enough to buy a girl’s phone number from a vending machine, you probably won’t mind paying a little extra to chat with her, right?

3“Used” panties

The most (un) famous Japanese vending machine item is the used panty gachapon, and although very few of these machines remain in Japan, they will always live on in infamy as a symbol of Japanese strangeness. . However, before you go spend your hard-earned yen on any of these machines, it should be noted that they don’t actually sell used panties – they do sell panties that have been made to appear used, adding the English word. “used” to the machine to pique the interest of tourists.


It makes perfect sense to sell bananas from a vending machine so that people can buy a healthy snack when they are hungry, and selling vegetables makes sense for the same reason, but who would want to buy fresh lettuce from a vending machine. automatic? People who come home to cook dinner, that’s who, and in Japan there are plenty of vending machines that cater to home cooks, including machines that sell lettuce that is freshly grown in machine every day. This is what I call take-out salad!

5Flying fish soup

Drinking black bean soup from a can is one thing, but can you imagine drinking a hot can full of fish soup, with a whole fish, in a can? Well, the flying fish soup sold in Japanese vending machines is not meant to be eaten on the go, it has to be taken home and added to the meal you are making, so that cooks can save some time. in their meal prep and add some of that legendary flying fish flavor to their meal on the cheap.

6Live puppies

Selling puppies in pet stores is considered controversial and misguided in America, but in Tokyo the practice is so accepted that some pet stores have started installing vending machines full of fresh puppies outside their stores, a move that , love it or hate it certainly got them a lot of attention. These puppy “vending machines” are actually just clear plastic cubes containing a puppy and the price listed on the outside, so don’t worry, small puppies don’t have to be “dispensed” by a dispenser. automatic before leaving. house with their new owner.

7A complete flower arrangement

Selling a fresh flower arrangement from a vending machine might seem a bit odd, but if you think about it, there are many times a fresh flower arrangement would come in handy, such as when you are about to meet the in-laws. for the first time. In addition, the high cost of real estate in Tokyo makes it virtually impossible for florists to survive. Flower sellers therefore have to sell their petals in a vending machine.

8Strange mystery boxes

In order to sell both an experience and a snack, there are mystery box vending machines all over Japan that sell something wrapped in kanji-covered packaging designed to intrigue and tempt passers-by. The wrapper tells a little story that can be read from outside the machine, and after the buyer part with their hard-earned yen, they are rewarded with a wrapper wrapped in some sort of snack food, which makes him wonder if the mystery box was worth the price.

9Sex toys and accessories

Since you never know when you’ll need a little “artificial enhancement” in the bedroom, sex toy vending machines have started popping up everywhere, but it’s safe to say Japan got them first. With vending machines that sell vibrators and other sex toys, lubricant, condoms, and whatever else you might need in the bedroom, Japanese sex toy vending machines are very popular even though their main customers are single men who buy these items because of wishful thinking.

tenLive lobster

Japan is such a rich seafood country that you can find fresh seafood everywhere you go, even at vending machines! There’s even a crane-style claw machine set that lets people pick up and buy a live, fresh lobster, so they can go home with a delicious dinner and a story about how they chose. a winner !

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