1994 Oprah asked fashion designers about the future of fashion and got eco-friendly answers


In 1994, Oprah asked the world’s top designers what they thought the world would be sporting in the year 2000? Surprisingly, many have responded with eco-friendly designs.

Source: OWN/Youtube

In a quirky, very ’90s video, Oprah asks, “What’s a girl to wear in the year 2000?” Oprah asked top fashion designers of the day to predict what they thought people would wear in the new millennium. Although most were a little quirky, they were quite quirky, the answers are quite funny, and some are very environmentally conscious!

“No, this isn’t the land of Oz,” Oprah says, hopping around in a long coat with long fringe around her neck and arms. “It’s designer Issey Miyake and he says that in the year 2000 we’ll be wearing clothes made of materials we never imagined. Like this outfit, it is made of straw!

Miyake was right, we now have clothes made from materials we could never have thought of back then. There’s apple leather, mushroom leather, and recycled clothing. However, now also 60% of the clothes in our closets are probably made from plastic.

“Do you think air pollution will continue to be a big problem in the future? Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto made this coat, it filters impurities from the air. He did that too,” she said as she took off the large air-filtering coat. “And it seems basic black never goes out of style.”

Unfortunately, air pollution IS still around and is a much worse problem than it was 28 years ago. It would be great if the clothes we wear could filter the impurities in the air! It seems like an invention we should keep working towards.

“And the all-time designer, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel says, we have to preserve our planet so he used recyclable rubber to make this dress. Pretty sharp !”

We must preserve our planet! 13 million tons of clothes end up in our landfills and fast fashion has changed the way we think about clothes. It’s always best to recycle clothes and go to thrift stores or thrift stores when looking for new clothes. The recent second-hand clothing boom is reducing fashion’s impact on the planet and showing that second-hand shoppers are eco-conscious and savvy, not just “hipsters”!

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