June 19, 2021
  • June 19, 2021

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The Tasmanian Devil, Unleashed | RiverheadLOCAL

by on March 29, 2021 0
Sometimes life is no fun. Sometimes even when you try, even when you think you are on the right track, life turns around and kicks your ass. As I slid across my face this week, I thought about the casual way life gives and then takes. I wondered about all the inspiring little phrases... Read More

10 Weirdest Things Sold In Japanese Vending Machines – Vending Machines, Japan, Japanese Vending Machines, Weird, Travel, Places

by on March 29, 2021 0
Japan has the highest density of vending machines in the world based on population and land area, and their vending machines serve just about anything you can imagine, from food and clothing to household items. bizarre collection. They also sell things you never wanted, needed, or thought about buying from a vending machine, and... Read More

Madeleine Madden says statue debate is all wrong

by on March 29, 2021 0
‘It’s not like that, it creates negativity’: actress and activist Charles Perkins’ granddaughter, Madeleine Madden, says politicians are wrong about colonial statue debate By Annita Katee For Daily Mail Australia Posted: 4:32 p.m. BST, September 3, 2017 | Update: 08:22 BST, September 9, 2017 She is both a rising actress and an Indigenous Australian... Read More

Childish Gambino’s last sermon

by on March 29, 2021 0
The night before Childish Gambino performed “Redbone” at Madison Square Garden, he sang it to Rihanna. Twitter had a good laugh at the idea that someone as cool as Rih could turn out to be an absolute fangirl, joining in the obligatory roaring chant that accompanies her first verse, her voice seemingly a few... Read More

ASIO lifts the lid on an ultra-secure high-tech facility that is one of the quietest places in the world

by on March 29, 2021 0
Inside Australia’s most secret room: Top spy agency unveils ultra-secure, high-tech facility that’s one of the quietest places on earth Australian spy agency finally revealed its ultra-secure ‘chamber of secrets’ ASIO has a “floating” room at Canberra headquarters to test listening devices General Manager Mike Burgess said the room was “an audio studio on... Read More

Is The Ugly Truth the Worst Romantic Comedy Ever?

by on March 29, 2021 0
Since when Romance Met Comedy kicked off 2019 with a the passionate defense of Katherine Heigl and 27 dresses, it just seems like I’m kicking off 2020 by taking a look at the more questionable side of his romantic comedy work. Because while I defend Heigl, there is no way to defend his vehicle... Read More

Is Kendall Jenner gay?

by on March 29, 2021 0
The whole reason for the Kardashian-Jenner the fame of the family is their willingness to share every detail of their life. But the fact that Kendall jenner held back certain things, namely who she is dating, has led to persistent rumors about her sexuality. In a new interview with Vogue, however Kendall confirms that... Read More