5 Modest and Sustainable Fashion Designers to Buy This Ramadan


The fast fashion industry is driven by consumer demands for fast track replicas at an affordable price. The truth is that many of us are THAT consumer; you are someone who regularly follows new trends and stores. Mainstream fashion moves to meet these consumer demands, often at the expense of the earth’s precious resources. Design, production, manufacturing processes and endless “markets” and additions to carts are bad for the earth. Large volumes of clothing also require a lot of manual labor, so humans are exploited in the process as well.

In a life before social media, people had to buy quality products and wear them often – and as a result, were aware without even having to think about it. The fashion industry has seen a daily demand for novelty with social media, with fashion influencers rarely being seen in the same outfit twice. So how do you break the cycle of overconsumption? Well, it all starts with you.

Ramadan is the perfect time to look inward and approach fashion mindfully. This is certainly a starting point for understanding how to “buy less and wear more”. We’ve put together a list of local brands with modest styles that adhere to sustainable and eco-friendly guidelines. Good shopping (selective & green)!


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