5 simple and chic outfit ideas for New Years Eve

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The New Year is approaching and everyone is in the mood to party. New edging may have cooled the spirits, but a little night out with your loved ones is always an option. So dress your best, whether it’s for brunch, an early dinner or a sunset gathering. As many seek to spend the night before at home or at a smaller (socially distant) gathering, whatever you wear should also be comfortable and affordable. Priyanka Sagar, Fashion Designer, DaMENSCH shares cool outfit ideas that match the occasion:

Party outfits at home

Staying indoors is the right choice. However, just because it’s a house party with your loved ones doesn’t mean you have to be too comfortable in your pajamas! A t-shirt under an open blazer with jeans or pants is a good option. You can wear it with white sneakers or waxed oxford shoes. To stay casual, put on denim, ripped jeans with a cardigan, sweater or jacket. If it’s too cold, pull on a hoodie under a leather jacket.

The formal look

For formal dinners with work colleagues or family, a suede or velvet blazer over a pale blue or gray shirt is a great choice. He looks amazingly fabulous with charcoal gray pants and dress shoes. The humble t-shirt is also easy to wear, subtly stylish, and as versatile as it gets – it can be worn with anything, even a dressy suit. You can also try on a pair of stylish boots in black or dark brown followed by black jeans, a t-shirt or a sweatshirt to complete the look.

Casual date night

For a classy and stylish look, you can wear a sweatshirt with a jacket or a blazer and pants. It can be a casual jacket with a shawl collar. For shoes, you can wear a pair of sneakers. You can also go for a semi-formal look at a casual business event. Basic colors work well, but if you feel like a change and include some color, wine or plum will make you stand out while still keeping your easygoing style.

The theme of the party

New Years can be the occasion for all kinds of crazy themed parties – from costumes to bright costumes, these can drive you on a frenzy to tune it up. Go for a new hero piece inspired by the plume theme and boost creativity. You can also add accessories to create an easy last minute costume with your existing unique pieces from your wardrobe. An outfit-inspired version and styling your hair and makeup to match the theme can save you from over-dressing.


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