September 19, 2021
  • September 19, 2021

5 stylish summer fashion print trends of 2021

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As we reconnect with the joy of dressing up, summer’s bold and punchy print trends make outfit inspiration easy. Many of us fell in love with the sweet allure of gingham dresses in mid-spring and early summer, and now that we’re well into the warmer months, there are a few more print trends. which charmed the whole of fashion.

Gingham tiles date back to the 18th century, but when we think of today’s gingham tiles we are likely to refer to the healthy aesthetic of the 1950s housewife. Much like baking bread, knitting and gardening which became popular as we spent more time at home, gingham tiles have a warm, handmade feel. We especially love the out of print gingham styles of Molby the Label and Zara. Once gingham became the unofficial summer print of 2021, we also started to see wavy and marbled prints. Before 2021, marbled and wavy prints took us to the 70s, when many popular textiles mimicked a psychedelic journey. We especially love the pieces from Kai Collective and some great finds at ASOS.

Equally playful are the punchy ’60s-inspired floral prints that resemble a child handmade in an arts and crafts class. We love the refined floral prints from & Other Stories, With Jean and Balou. For fans of the 90s style, you will appreciate the impact of Marine Serre on modern textiles. The designer’s futuristic moon print has inspired other bold fashion brands like Jaded London and Om Weekend to create similar geometric and distorted designs.

Read on for five new print trends that will instantly brighten up your summer outfits.

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