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Amazon is trying to give Amazon Prime video a whole new look – Film Daily

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Could customer profiles and the best personalization strengths finally be integrated into Amazon’s Great Video app? New Amazon Studios Director Jennifer Salke recently announced that a significant move to Amazon’s web-based video app is underway – and she now runs them on a phone in her office, a- she declared.

The executive was speaking at TV Pundits Affiliation’s late spring press visit to Los Angeles, as reported by AdWeek. [paywall], TheWrap and Cutoff time, when she referred to the app’s big makeover.

And keeping in mind that Salke’s claims were light on critical niceties – like when such an effort would happen to end customers, for example, for specific changes, precisely, would be available, there is a lot of space. to estimate what the Prime Video app needs today. a global change of Film streaming.

All other things being equal, the interface includes various groups of program or movie substances that are “included with Prime”. These are coordinated by classification and type – like “Parody motion pictures” or “Recent TV added”, for example. It also features premium, mainstream, or scalable content, along with its own party post suggestions, such as a segment for Amazon’s “unique movies” or its “restrictive television.”

There may be a line dedicated to ideas to watch based on the history of the survey, but this is not entirely obvious. In general, the interface has always felt more focused on pushing the Prime stuff in various ways instead of helping you find things you’d like.

What makes this worse is that Amazon doesn’t offer customer profiles. Family members could each have their watchlist and set of suggestions – highlights that are standard on rival streaming apps today, including Hulu, Netflix, and even newbies like YouTube TV.

However, Amazon also offers parental controls to secure surveys, and it does not allow guardians and children to maintain separate profiles where adult content is kept away from children. They will also change the experience of Broadcast of series.

These would all be clear progression spaces for another Amazon Prime Video app, as well as a superior system for finding additional discretionary Prime Video subscriptions, known as Prime Video Channels. Amazon today allows customers to assemble their TV administration by choosing premium stations like HBO, Showtime, Starz, CBS All Entrance, and the sky is the limit from there. However, the Superb Video app itself doesn’t hijack ideas in a way that’s close to home – it essentially offers an interface where you can browse through each one.

However, Amazon’s great video channels are quickly becoming the primary driver of an overblown survey, accounting for 55% of all direct-to-customer video subscriptions. Amazon could definitely remake this component to make Prime Video app customers an incredibly better selling point.

Also, Amazon could, in any case, do a superior demo of presenting its premieres – especially since it currently has Emmy scholarship winners and selected new folks to push forward – however, which seems more consistent. to the benefits of observers.

The organization has essentially freely recognized that profiles are something that it realizes clients need. Indeed, he even reacted to the approach of the tweets with remarks that clarify how profiles are not accessible “at the moment”, or “yet”, or say that it is an “acceptable idea” when individuals offer their contribution.

As for Salke’s claims, the most she offered was that Prime Video’s new interface is “much more instinctive,” which foreshadows a more developed route and how she finds out that he is “a bit more instinctive.” coherent as they really have it… ”. Indeed, something – she cut herself off from this latest discovery, saying, “I couldn’t tell if I should part with it.” It’s cool!”

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