anOnlyChild lit up LA Fashion Week


anOnlyChild was the star of Los Angeles Fashion Week.

anOnlyChild was the star of Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Los Angeles Fashion Week kicked off with a beautiful collection from anOnlyChild designed by founder and designer Maxwell Osborne.

The show, titled “It’s Getting Late B-sides,” debuted at the Lighthouse Art Space on October 6 in Los Angeles, which was attended by many celebrities including Michael B Jordan, Tyga and Jesse Williams.

The show was a continuation of the brand’s New York Fashion Week experience which showcased its signature looks and fabrics with silk shirts and separates. However, this time around the show included reworked versions of the collection created in new silhouettes and colorways for the West Coast.

These new styles, silhouettes and colorways included an emerald velvet tracksuit, black cotton satin, a viscose lace ruffled dress for evening wear, and a white lace ruched turtleneck top paired with faux leather work pants. white silk wool.

All the clothes on the track were made from dead materials. Which is anOnlyChild’s signature when creating each collection. Highlight an important corporate philosophy of sustainability.

The philosophy also offers a unique amount of individuality in each outfit due to the fact that each garment cannot be replicated exactly the same due to a limited amount of said unsold fabric.

For Osborne and anOnlyChild, this is a big plus because it allows “each of our garments to retain the soul of their fabric’s previous life to form something unique, one-of-a-kind and a bit like a child. unique”.

When asked to explain the inspiration for the collection, Osborne said it was “The most sensual of summer nights…The moment you catch the attention of the person you you’ve been waiting from afar, and your bodies finally connect.”

The show also immersed attendees in a giant light-up space that displayed the brand’s famous Rastafarian fabric swatches splashed across the walls. Additionally, the brand used non-traditional seating like vintage antique sofas which gave the space a more intimate feel than you might get at other fashion shows.

This LA Fashion Week opening show got the week off to a great start and showed off everything LA Fashion has to offer.

Credits: Photos courtesy of anOnlyChild.


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