Are all-white kitchens old-fashioned? Designers respond to the trend


Color trends remain an ever-popular topic in any room of the house, but not more than the kitchen. When searching kitchen color ideas, you might be tempted to go for a classic all-white palette – but according to the designers, that desired tone may have fallen into disuse.

The hue lasted for decades, however, changing painting trends suggest that this neutral shade is no longer in fashion.

Are all-white kitchens old-fashioned?

All white kitchen with ivory worktops and cupboards

(Image credit: Neptune)

Here, experts discuss the need to re-evaluate your white kitchen ideas – and how to style the color if you want to stay true to the tone.

Against all-white kitchens

“I see the all-white kitchen fading as homeowners choose to bring more color into the woodwork as well as the kitchen counters,” says Marian Meacham, the Houston-based founder of Houston. Marian Louise Drawings. However, as the designer explains, you don’t need to remove the color completely.

Instead of going for an all-white palette, Mimi recommends investing in a dramatic countertop. “From natural stones to man-made composites that have layers of warm, earthy colors,” says Marian.

She adds that vibrant clay, porcelain or cement tiles are a similar alternative for adding a modern touch to your all-white scheme – to keep your palette up to date.

“While every aspect of kitchen design is important, the choice of countertop material is especially important because it has such a visual impact. Consider the characteristics of each material to make the best choice for your lifestyle, ”says Melissa Klink of Harvey jones.

All white kitchen with ivory worktops and cupboards

(Image credit: deVOL)

In the same way, flight Creative Director Helen Parker invites you to opt for an “off-white” or cream kitchen rather than an entirely pure scheme.

“For a really authentic look a simple cream or off-white is good and very easygoing, but for real drama and tradition we suggest darker colors, muted navy blue, deep reds, yellows. dark and dense greens, ”she said. adds.

For completely white kitchens

All white kitchen with ivory worktops and cupboards

(Image credit: Neptune)

The future of all-white kitchens is on the line. However, not all designers recommend avoiding this sheer shade.

“All white kitchens have always been a popular choice when it comes to kitchen design, and we’ve found that regardless of the style or design,” explains Neptune Wimbledon kitchen designer Stephanie Nix.

All white kitchen with ivory worktops and cupboards

(Image credit: Neptune)

“As always, reinvented color palettes emerge and often take pride of place; However, we believe there will always be a place for all-white kitchens.

Are you going to revolutionize your kitchen ideas or keep your diagram all white? The fate of the color is up to you.


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