Each design house created limited-edition custom products as part of the brand’s annual series of designer collaborations

NEW YORK, September 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today’s travel lifestyle brand A way announced the latest lineup for their Designer Collectiona unique collaboration program that brings together creative artists from around the world to design distinct capsule collections in partnership with the brand.

This year’s cohort of innovative fashion designers present Spain, Vaqueraand Ashwho were each tasked with putting their stamp on two of Away’s staple silhouettes: the best-selling Larger hand luggage and styling Shoulder bag for exclusive limited edition collections launch on tuesday october 4.

“It’s been amazing to partner with such creative and daring minds for this year’s collaboration series,” said External Design Director, Cuan Hanly. “Each designer brought a fresh perspective to some of Away’s most beloved pieces. Using original materials, prints and colors, the designers seamlessly paired their distinct aesthetic with Away’s clean designs.”

Alejandro Gomez Palomo of Spain says his designs echo “the essence of Palomo, in a very simple, elegant and chic yet modern design.” Palomo brought these principles to life by reinventing Away’s Bigger handbag and shoulder bag to feature a striking black and yellow laminated floral print. “I wanted to incorporate the Spanish DNA of our brand, so we used our signature flowers which have become one of the most recognizable symbols in our designs. When I started the brand, I felt the need to create garments that could be embellished with embroidery, feathers and rich fabrics not traditionally seen in menswear. I translated this same ethos into my collaboration with Away by creating a luggage set that strays from the idea of ​​a simple dark monochromatic suitcase and is instead bright, colorful, upbeat and chic.”

“We love having a sense of humor and romance with everything we create, and we were thrilled to bring that same playful mentality to our designs for Away,” said New York City based Founder of Vaquera Patrick Di Caprio, whose Bigger Carry-On features a semi-transparent polycarbonate shell lined with photo-realistic roses printed on nylon, creating the illusion of a bouquet in an empty suitcase. The collection’s Sling Bag is adorned with a single rose, a simple yet dramatic addition to the luggage. Co-creator Vaquera Bryn Taubensee adds: “We like our bags to stand out in the baggage claim area, a place where there is often so much uniformity and consistency. We wanted to do something that could also be a conversation starter at the airport – who knows who you might meet!”

Born in delhinow based at London, Ashish Gupta of Achish says, “It’s important to me to have a sense of joy in my work. In this collaboration with Away, I wanted to create something that would feel a bit irreverent towards the endless tide of black suitcases you can usually find in travel.” The resulting designs are bold and unique, featuring pencil-inspired graphics and flowers. “I love when people personalize their suitcases so they don’t look pristine anymore – I really love a good scribble and wanted to bring that unrestricted creative mentality into my collection,” adds Gupta.

Away’s Designer Collection limited edition products range from $155 at $295 and will be available exclusively at, as well as at all 13 Away outlets across the United States, Canadaand United Kingdom, starting October 4, 2022.

About the exterior

Away is a travel lifestyle brand on a mission to transform travel through products and content that inspire people to get away more. The company launched in 2016 with a perfectly crafted carry-on and has since expanded to offer a range of luggage and travel essentials designed for the modern traveller. Based at New York Citywith teams in London and Toronto, Away currently ships to over 35 countries worldwide. Away was named one of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” by Fast Company and was recognized on TIME’s “Best Inventions” list. To learn more, visit

About Spain

Palomo was born in February 2016with an essence that combines the dramatic and romantic spirit of the character of southern Spain by Alejandro Gómez Palomo, creative director of Palomo Spain, with the urban and sophisticated street style of Londonwhere he spent his years as a student at London Fashion College.

When setting up his headquarters in Posadas, a small town on the outskirts of Cordoba, Spain quickly achieved remarkable momentum. This year, Palomo was welcomed among the semi-finalists of the 2022 LVMH Prize, the brand’s second nomination after their participation in 2017. Top social profiles and international celebrities such as Beyoncé, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles, and Rosalía have positioned the brand as a true benchmark for fashion connoisseurs; emphasizing the importance of new visions on fashion and its role in the cultural life of cities. Alejandro has managed to gain wide recognition thanks to the authenticity of the artistic approach to his project and his personality, becoming one of the most appreciated and sought-after male public profiles in the fashion scene.

About Vaquera

Vaquera started in 2013 as a fashion fanfiction, a path for the founder Patrick Di Caprio to explore his obsession with clothing. Since 2016, with the addition of Bryn Taubensee and now in partnership with Dover Street Market, that fantasy has become much more real. Vaquera means cowgirl in Spanish, after the nickname Patric gave her while washing the dishes. The name now represents a New York collective making clothes for their city’s characters – real and imagined – and their very real customers around the world.

About Ashish

Synonymous with glamour, maximalist design and hand embroidery, designer fashion Ashish Gupta approaches his work with a rainbow palette and shimmering sensibility.

Born and raised in delhiAshish studied fine art before moving on to London to complete a master’s degree Center of Saint Martin under the legendary Louise Wilson. Known for his playful use of embroidery, Ashish’s designs blend casual high-end glamor with American sportswear underpinnings and traditional Indian craftsmanship. Ashish employs a group of highly skilled artisans in the factory he established in delhi, allowing it to manufacture entirely to order, creating a zero-waste production process. The LondonThe New York-based designer has been a pioneering voice and a strong advocate for diversity throughout his career.

First shown at London Fashion Week in 2005, Ashish took her eponymous label to the next level by winning the prestigious NewGen Award three times to be exhibited at the V&A and the Met.

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