Belle Mariano vlogs: refresh your wardrobe with these must-have fashion pieces


When it comes to fashion, nothing beats the basics. These are the most versatile pieces that you can repeat by pairing them with different sets depending on the look you want to achieve. Here are minimalist and timeless pieces that should have a place in your wardrobe according to Belle Mariano, darling of Generation Z.
In her recent vlog, Belle shared some of her mostly white and neutral fashion essentials because those are the colors you’ll never fail to wear.

white tank top

This closet staple, according to Belle, “goes well with everything; you can pair it with white rubber shoes, doll shoes, sandals, whatever, it goes well with it.

White buttoned polo shirt

This wardrobe essential is perfect for any situation. You can wear it open as a bikini top at the beach, wear it with a skirt and heels for an elegant look, or wear it with jeans for a casual vibe.

White Tshirt

You can’t have too many white t-shirts! Belle has them in different textures, including a ribbed one. Her advice is to mix and match objects with different textures to add depth or make them less boring.

white coat

“Most of my suits, dark gray, black, many colors with many colors inside,” the He’s Into Her star shared. Who said coats were only for formal OOTDs? You can give it a cool and chic look with a white tank top and rubber shoes, or you can opt for a pair of heels for a more polished look.

Beige pants

“Pair it with any shoes you want as long as you stick to neutrals,” the Kapamilya beauty advised, adding that it will go well with any white or black top.

Denim pants

Available in a variety of fits (Belle is into the flare style these days), this wardrobe essential is super versatile and comfortable to wear. Belle said jeans, t-shirts and shoes are your go-to combo for a rugged look.

white jeans

You can never go wrong with white jeans because “they look good on almost any top.” But if you feel like your OOTD looks too monochromatic and boring, Belle’s advice is to emphasize, “Whatever will show up in her mo outfit. Kailangan meron kang main element na gusto mo mag stand- out.

vintage bags

Vintage bags give off a feminine vibe and are definitely trend-proof; it’s no wonder Belle is so in love with them. A key element that she does not forget to put in her bag: sunglasses! The He’s Into Her star said wearing sunglasses can spice up your OOTD and make you feel good.

Basic shoes

White rubber shoes and a trusty pair of high-heeled sandals are Belle’s definition of comfort and fashion.

These are foolproof fashion formulas, but at the end of the day, Belle’s number one tip is to wear what makes you feel confident. Check out her tips and examples of outfits in the video!


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