‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 Opens Explosively And Masterfully


Americans almost went into cardiac arrest when, in July 2021, Bob Odenkirk suffered a heart attack on the set of You better call Saul. Fortunately, the 59-year-old star made a speedy and full recovery, and now her stunning breaking Bad the prequel spin-off returns for its sixth and final season – which, at the ozark, is giant in size (13 episodes) and airs in two batches on AMC. Its April 18 premiere is the beginning of the end for Jimmy McGill, who is destined to turn to the dark side and become sleazy legal peddler Saul Goodman for good. Yet as the series picks up, the real question is whether Jimmy’s wife and partner in legal misdeeds, Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), will break first — and whether that will doom her.

Since Kim does not take into account breaking Badhis fate has long been a potential tragedy hanging over these proceedings, and that’s not changing because You better call Saul picks up with her and Jimmy. Believing they got out of the Juarez Cartel due to news that menacing Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) is believed to be dead, Kim continues to pressure Jimmy to ruin his former employer Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) and, in doing so, to finally profit from the Sandpiper trial. Regardless of his own antipathy towards the man, Jimmy is still hesitant to totally destroy Howard. Kim, however, informs him that she has now found a way to achieve her goals with relatively minimal damage to Howard’s reputation, and her reconfigured strategy – of which we are unaware, Michael Morris’ camera coming out of a restaurant right now. she lays out her plans – enough to get Jimmy on board.

By You better call Saul lore, the nature of Jimmy and Kim’s ruse only becomes clear once it’s been set in motion, with Morris and creators/writers/directors Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould favoring exposition-free storytelling powered by the imagery and action. The pair begin by having Jimmy infiltrate Howard’s golf club in order to plant a packet of white powder in his locker which will be visibly seen by Howard’s old friend – and Jimmy’s former boss – Clifford Main (Ed Begley Jr.). Before pulling off this devious feat, Jimmy must first enter the men’s locker room, which he attempts to do by touring the facility. This visit is cut short when he is spied on by Kevin Wachtell (Rex Linn), who has less than warm feelings about Jimmy, and not-so-subtly demands that the establishment give Jimmy the boot – a turn of events that Jimmy , always quick on his feet, warps into an opportunity, telling everyone within earshot that he suffers from anti-Semitic discrimination, sparking a scene that allows him to get the job done.

Jimmy hasn’t lost a step, but that doesn’t mean he’s the same old crook. You better call SaulThe protagonist of is unsettled at the start of Season 6, his collusion skills intact but his confidence and conviction shaken by his harrowing past experiences with the cartels. While Jimmy seems unsure of himself and the trouble he could potentially get Kim into, she seems emboldened by their recent past, a look of unwavering determination on her face mixed with concern that Jimmy might not be. as involved as he claims. . This tension comes to a head during the second hour of the premiere, when Jimmy and Kim decide to be carrot and stick, respectively, in their manipulation of Season 1 embezzlers Craig (Jeremy Shamos) and Betsy (Julie Ann Emery), who now run a tax preparation service and are brought in to smear Howard’s reputation. With downright chilling determination, the phenomenal Seehorn portrays Kim as someone now willing to do anything to achieve her goals, and her tense dynamic with Jimmy consequently proves the most electric element of the start.

Not that there isn’t extra suspense in You better call Saul, given that Nacho (Michael Mando) is on the run from the cartel for helping Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) set Lalo up for assassination. Nacho is locked up in a motel, not knowing who to trust, and with good reason, since Gus wants Nacho out – much to Mike’s (Jonathan Banks) chagrin – and Lalo is miraculously alive and ready for revenge. The deceptive games played by cartel bigwigs – to cover their tracks and eliminate their enemies – are a thrilling source of anxiety, no matter what we know (courtesy breaking Bad) that Gus will survive long enough to eventually kill his rival Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis). As before, everyone here is in stellar form, with stone-faced and sinister Esposito as Gus, charming and deadly Dalton as Lalo, and harassed and resourceful Mando as Nacho, whose fate – like Kim’s – remains jittery in the airs.

“With downright chilling determination, the phenomenal Seehorn portrays Kim as someone now willing to do anything to achieve her goals, and her tense dynamic with Jimmy consequently proves the most electric element of the start.”

You better call Saul has arguably the best cast on television, as well as the sharpest writing and direction. Gilligan and company are experts at orchestrating exhilarating centerpieces (like a shootout in a second episode), but their true brilliance is evident in extended sequences that communicate plot developments and twists through a twist. in dramatic scene and visual framing. Whether it’s lone Nacho crossing a parking lot at night in a shot that features an abandoned tricycle (thus evocatively situating him in a recognizable real world), or a later composition that parallels Jimmy and a mutant-looking inflatable Statue of Liberty (suggesting her own evil embodiment of American ideals like freedom and justice for all), Gilligan and his team of directors are the best in the business, conveying themes, characters and details narratives with a formal artistry unmatched on television.

Based on its first two chapters, You better call SaulThe home stretch of could take many different paths, and the fact that it opens with the sight of movers packing up and cleaning out a luxurious mansion owned by Saul Goodman only adds to that mystery. What is certain, however, is that Gilligan, having already concluded breaking Bad on an ideal note – knows what he’s doing and that he’ll find a way to extract the humor, terror and heartache from Jimmy’s ultimate transformation into the New Mexico con man who gives his name to the series.


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