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Black fashion professionals still face widespread discrimination, new report says

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“Black professionals face widespread discrimination and prejudice – a testament to the historically racist and exclusionary nature of the fashion industry,” reads the first report of the human rights campaign. from the Black in Fashion Council.

The report looked at 30 different companies of varying sizes, all of which remain anonymous. It aimed to measure company policies and practices related to the inclusiveness of black employees.

Everyone involved took part in a survey answering questions about their current diversity, equity and inclusion policies and practices – and the results were conclusive on the discrimination black people face in the world. fashion industry.

“Fashion has long championed white supremacist ideologies and created and glorified standards of beauty and artistic expression that are explicitly anti-black,” the report said.

The report will now take place annually and the 30 companies involved have all taken on the Black In Fashion Pledge, which is a three-year pledge to continue participating. The Black in Fashion Council and its partners will also help brands create strategies and initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion of blacks working in the fashion community.

According to the report, black consumers are a major contributor to the economy, spending an estimated $ 1.3 trillion each year. “Although black is often commodified for profit, black people, black experiences and black voices rarely receive an underperforming platform in the fashion industry,” the report explained, adding that “their talents , ideas and passions are stolen, misused and appropriated ”.

Black In Fashion co-founder Lindsay Peoples Wagner said the report reflects “the vital work we have done behind the scenes to ensure that companies practice inclusive policies.”

“So many companies have realized over the past year that it is not enough to publish a black square or publish a quote on MLK Day – the work we are invested in requires a change in infrastructure and culture on the part of companies to intensely question their DCI values ​​and priorities. “

You can read more about the report here.

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