Bots take over Balenciaga and other fashion news you missed


As megatron musician Arca ditched “Prada” and Kim Kardashian donned a custom Thierry Mugler cowbot costume, it was the week fashion faced her. I robot account. Existential anxieties surfaced as soon as Balenciaga unveiled its SS22 campaign, featuring cybernetic face covers and exoskeleton suits designed by Ikeuchi Hiroto. Granted, this isn’t the first time Demna Gvasalia has prophesied of the end times, sending post-apocalyptic clothing to water-soaked catwalks and recruiting fake news anchors to feature apocalyptic TV coverage. But in a culture obsessed with invisible techno-dystopias, like the Metaverse, CGI Mark Zuckerbergs, and whatever else lurking on the blockchain, there’s something pretty retro about the fashion-bot. After all, Kim didn’t look scary, she looked like a pin-up from a B-side horror movie, and Balenciaga, with all his goth jeans studded with eyelets, was definitely more cyberdog than cyber destruction. Nihilist nonetheless, but at least these robots are somewhat tangible and cannot be sold as NFT.

In other creepy news, celebrities have pledged their allegiance to TikTok’s gags and uh, to each other this Halloween, dressing up as Voldemort, Baby Yoda, and Kravis. Chloë Sevigny returned to her “Sugar Kane” days, featuring a hostile takeover of Marc Jacobs ‘offices as Gucci enveloped Los Angeles’ Hollywood Boulevard with her schmaltzy Parade of love, inviting curvy models to parade down the runway for the first time in 100 years. In Glasgow, where things are decidedly less glamorous, but much more prescient, fashion organizations have united in a COP26 call to arms. For anything that you may have missed this week, click on the gallery below.


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