Cameroon: Fashion designers imagine the trends of 2050 and street artists thrive


Cameroon’s capital, Yaoundé, was the perfect place for urban music fans and art lovers. The La Zone festival, produced by the Douala Art Festival (Domaf), was intended to be a smaller but intense version of Douala’s annual event.

The festival was also strongly influenced by the Marché des Arts du Spectacle d’Abidjan (MASA), a cultural platform for the promotion of African performing arts.

“It’s the first time that we’ve replicated the experience of the Massa zone outside of Abidjan, so it’s good that it’s happening in Yaoundé, the capital, on a busy avenue, which is a lively place”, the La Zone PR manager Bonas Fotio exclaimed proudly.

On Saturday and Sunday (September 23-24), all who passed by the busy Avenue Kennedy in Yaoundé were captivated by the rhythm of the drums and the murals.

Street art such as a piece by Guy Kouekam and Keulion on the facade of the French Cultural Institute in Yaoundé drew attention.

The clothes of the future

Besides visual arts and music, street fashion was the other highlight of the event. The theme of this first edition of the La Zone festival was: tomorrow is yesterday. 3 fashion designers have joined forces to imagine what fashion might look like in the middle of the 21st century.

“We went with the flow of the theme of the DOMAF festival which is tomorrow is yesterday, explains Kris Ka, a fashion designer. So we designed clothes trying to understand what clothes could look like in 2050.”

“We work with everything, from wood, to aluminum, to kitchen utensils, specifies BRISTEL. We call it upcycling. ‘have no right to die’.

Dressed in flashy colors and atypical outfits, the models were an integral part of the project. They were on the same wavelength as the designers, for them: the designer leaves a trace in his creations and they should not be doomed to die.

“Everything that anyone creates should not be forgotten because it carries the image of its creator, argues Junior Sikombe. He let his mind work, so you have to promote his work, that’s all.”

Therefore, nothing is lost here, everything can be transformed, from clothes to shoes, fabrics or even objects.

If the future was on everyone’s mind, it’s because the organizers of the La Zone by Domaf festival were inspired by the The UN Sustainable Development Goals and partnered with civil society actors in setting up the event.

During the weekend, the public strolled down Kennedy Avenue to discover musical genres, Cameroonian traditional dances and participate in workshops.


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