Check out 5 street style looks from Copenhagen Fashion Week ahead of the fall season


While most aren’t looking forward to the end of summer, at least there’s Copenhagen Fashion Week’s street style to lift the spirits this month. Apart from shows and after-parties, the Scandinavian streets are full of all styles, from the most daring to the most discreet. Pictures of the Week serve as the perfect fashionable antidote to all those holiday snaps that fill your Instagram. Here it’s less about dream vacation dresses and more conceptual and individualistic summer wear. Plus, you can expect this group of onlookers to set the tone before fashion month begins, whether it’s crowning the season’s new It accessory or a lesson in how to wear the latest trends. Let this edit of style designers serve as your outfit inspiration and shopping guide for the coming season.

Photographed by Acielle / Style DuMonde

Two-piece seam

For modern minimalists, it’s all about the tailored little cardigan this season. Blazers? Who needs them!

Image may contain: clothes, garment, vest, suit, overcoat and coat

The Frankie Shop Gelso Fitted Vest

Image may contain: bag, accessories, accessory, purse and purse

Yuzefi Oblique Mini Leather Shoulder Bag

Image may contain: clothing, clothing, platform, shoes and sandal

Maryam Nassir Zadeh transparent and white Olympia wedge sandals

Image may contain: clothing, clothes, pants, denim, jeans and tights

The Frankie Shop Gelso pleated tailored trousers

Photographed by Acielle / Style DuMonde

Color code

Color blocking is a go-to street style strategy, but styling with colored leather or coated denim gives it a whole new shine.

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Image may contain: Cable

Bottega Veneta mini tubular Jodie leather hobo bag

Image may contain: clothing, shoes, sunglasses, accessories, accessory, shoe and sandal

Manolo Blahnik Black Paterno Heeled Sandals

Image may contain: clothes, pants and skirt

Aknvas Elin cotton-blend wide-leg pants

Photographed by Acielle / Style DuMonde

Deep pockets

Cargo pants have been trending for a minute now, and there’s no sign of utility pants slowing down for fall.

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One-piece swimsuit Osee

Image may contain: sunglasses, accessories and accessory

Chanel rectangular sunglasses

Image may contain: backpack, bag, handbag, accessories, accessory and handbag

Saint Laurent Maillon quilted lambskin bucket bag

Image may contain: clothes, clothes, pants, denim, jeans and shorts

Dion Lee Ope cotton-blend cargo pants

Photographed by Acielle / Style DuMonde

Nostalgia knit

Pair a groovy sweater-vest with a knee-length khaki skirt and you’ve got a revival of ’90s style worthy of Bella Hadid.

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Sea Agnes Crocheted Merino Wool Vest

Image may contain: sink faucet, accessories, accessory and jewelry

Barrette Alexandre de Paris

Image may contain: shoes, shoes, clothing, running shoes and sneakers

Prada linea rossa America’s Cup cycling sneakers

Image may contain: clothes, clothes and skirt

Andersson Bell Mona Patchwork Mermaid Handkerchief Skirt

Photographed by Acielle / Style DuMonde

go low

Two denim trends collide. A low-rise baggy silhouette and a vintage tee are the epitome of a laid-back look.

Image may contain: clothing, garment, sleeve, longsleeve and t-shirt

Vintage Styx Cyclorama Tour T-shirt

Image may contain: shower faucet

Agmes silver Ellipses earrings

Image may contain: tool, hammer, strap, weapon, blade and weaponry

Molten Leather Belt Alexander McQueen

Image may contain: clothes, clothes, pants, denim and jeans

Balenciaga low crotch jeans


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