September 19, 2021
  • September 19, 2021

Check Out Ferrari’s First Fashion Collection Lookbook Here

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When Ferrari unveiled its first fashion collection, our first reaction was one of the intrigues. But with a little more time Dive deeper into Ferrari’s cultural reach After all, I realized that the car and the clothes weren’t that far apart.

With all kinds of brands in the space, welcoming pop-up shops, jarring collaborative experiences and ideas, Ferrari’s entry into fashion is a big moment. Plus, the more you think about it, the more it seems natural and even logical. Ferrari’s presence in popular culture meant it was never far from fashion. And with the celebrity-revered Prancing Horse logo, Ferrari has been in the same world as luxury brands for decades.

Even at the design level, it makes sense. Ferrari is inspired by the human body. The curves and organic shapes that represent the brand’s electrical products are the same as the clothes are made. Ferrari’s presentation focused on exploring this connection. The connections between clothing, cars and the body, emphasized through a selection of designs that transform into an almost robotic aesthetic, such as machines, are more like driving a car and wearing clothes than we do. the pensions initially. Suggested that it could be.

Thus, the Ferrari collection can be considered as an act of translation. Visually and functionally, the collection has its roots in the iconic design of Ferrari cars. In fact, the starting point of Rocco Ianone (formerly Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Pal Zileri) was to study, dissect and transform Ferrari cars into portable objects. The collection is packed with references and patterns that take viewers to a bustling Ferrari workshop, with raised cuts and materials thwarting elegance and elegance. This dichotomy is at the heart of Ferrari’s first collection. The collection stands between form and function, enveloping the body, enhancing its function and expanding its form, blurring the line between practicality and free beauty.

It should be noted that the major part of the collection is unisex. Made from sizes XXXS to XXXL and offered as a way to expand Ferrari’s fan base, its ready-made clothing offering adds a few extra inches to Ferrari’s full cultural reach. versions of the successful Ferrari collection restore immediately.

Held in Maranello, Italy, the birthplace of prancing horses, the collection was unveiled on the factory assembly line. The model walked through countless machines and screens, and the white linen lighting reflected off the sterile, polished floor, focusing on the clothes. The Ferrari text logo and the prancing horse logo are very distinctive, but this collection sets it apart from automotive products we have used in the past. Instead, Marque’s unmistakable logo is enlarged, cut out and screwed down until it becomes a bold reference that acts as the underlying link for all of the pieces.

A clear example of this is provided in the form of a highlight shirt designed with masculine and feminine looks. The oversized Ferrari logo divides the shirt into must-have yellow, black and Rosso Corsa stripes, making the logo a design element in its own right. Adding punches and entities to these visual references is the selection and cutting of materials. Asymmetry plays a central role, allowing Iannone to merge dissimilar elements. The outerwear acquires a unique character with a pit stop style decoration. The formal trench coat is joined by Rosso Corsa’s arms transplanted from the running suit, and the running jacket features a cropped body and exaggerated collar, giving it a thoughtful stitching feel.

Along with the outerwear, the accessories were the protagonists of the show. Padded gloves and a flowing summer dress are an exciting contradiction, highlighting the gap between practicality and luxury that underlies the collection. The silk scarf offered another high touch for a more functional look, but on the other side of the equation an industrial webbing belt hung from the tailor and anchored them in the automotive world again.

Ferrari has pushed the boundaries and opened up space in popular culture. What seems confusing is naturally well placed thanks to the level of craftsmanship and care in production that rarely matches. Whether it’s a roaring V12 or a delicate silk shirt, the Prancing Horse remains a proof of true luxury. Ferrari has managed to pave the way for a whole new area of ​​the brand. It is not a side project, but it is a new aspect which, if the first collection materializes, is as important as the automotive sector and has the potential to develop in the heart of the Marche.

Buy the first drop of the Ferrari collection here.

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