November 27, 2021
  • November 27, 2021

Chloe attracts stars to outdoor eco-show in Paris

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In front of Notre-Dame Cathedral and with the lapping of the Seine near their designer heels, actresses Gillian Anderson and Demi Moore stepped out in style to attend Chloe’s eco-responsible outdoor parade on the Parisian left bank.

Away from the tight indoor seats of many Paris Fashion Week shows so far, Chloe’s open-air venue – by the river – has given virus-conscious fashion editors a breath of fresh air.

But the show’s message also touted positivity: being good for the environment can also be chic.

Here are some highlights from the Spring 2022 collection:

A model wears a creation for the Chloé Spring-Summer 2022 ready-to-wear show presented in Paris. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer / Invision / AP)


The avant-garde approach of Chloe’s new designer, Gabriela Hearst, was apparent in the show’s display – if you looked closely at it.

The house said it has increased the number of clothes that are handmade by artisans, indicated by a stitched spiral symbol.

Sleek metal talismans were made from dead jewelry, while multicolored fabrics on fitted patchwork jackets or multicolored scale-shaped dresses were recycled from previous Chloé collections. “Shredded, knotted and macrame by hand in new clothes,” the house said.

A cashmere flap poncho-style dress sported blue stripes hand-painted with a vegetable blue dye. Almost 60% of the collection was made from low impact materials.


On Thursday, rowdy Rick Owens was in a philosophical mood – reflecting on his return to the Paris podium “after four COVID-era shows broadcast live from my home” and the “humiliating experience” of the pandemic.

Thursday’s runway went back to the American designer’s roots – his “personal” definition of beauty. The collection began with the signature aggressive aesthetic: a model in alien makeup, an abstract black amorphous belt, and giant black thigh-high boots.

Rick Owens, Paris Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week Dates, Paris Fashion Week Photos Paris: A model wears a creation for the Rick Owens Spring / Summer 2022 ready-to-wear show presented in Paris. AP / PTI (AP09_30_2021_000186B)

Still, Owens skillfully varied between hard and light. Sheer nylon floated in the air, mixing with a transparent black fabric that exposed the flesh. It contrasted with the structured details, her typical pointed shoulders and thick jewelry that made the show look elegant and supernatural.


At the Coperni exhibition, designers Arnaud Vaillant and Sébastien Meyer came out of the tropical undergrowth on Thursday morning for a fashionable, fresh and colorful ray of sunshine.

Beach items, swimwear, and big shades, which featured throughout the show, contrasted nicely with couture-inspired jackets and a variety of touches.

The scarf-print bikinis – shiny and silky – that opened the collection set the tone. They were paired with low baggy pants with utility details and platform sandals.

The bikini style was then transposed on a white dress, with hoops composing the bust and the straps. The garment’s clean lines – repeated with a black number – gave it, like many looks in the series, a crisp, sporty feel.

Isabel Marant, Paris Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week Dates, Paris Fashion Week Photos A model wears a creation for the Isabel Marant Spring / Summer 2022 ready-to-wear show presented in Paris. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer / Invision / AP)


On one of the last catwalks of the day, Isabel Marant continued the on-trend beach reverie by infusing her distinctively feminine designs with a bikini silhouette.

A bikini top was set offset over a colorful shirt, while the bikini bottom contrasted with a loose orange ruffle sleeve top. It was fun, if not revolutionary.

There were prints and colors galore in a collection that screamed summer. The flip-flops, straps, flaps, buttons and pockets gave an urban and utilitarian side to sometimes unisex looks.

What this show lacked in focus, it certainly made up for in energy.

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