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Curly men’s fashion: if you don’t wear curly wool all day, you are wrong

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As part of his SS21 collection, the brand’s British Creative Director Daniel Lee has used different interpretations of the material – from chocolate brown curly, which looks a bit like phytoplankton, to Magic eye hundreds and thousands of styles – in the creation of elegant suits and low espadrille-style moccasins. We never tire of the latter: they are wonderfully impractical (and more than a little crazy), but unequivocally the shoe of the season.

Elsewhere, brands on the show have also started producing luxury clothing and footwear from the classic fabric. At California label The Elder Statesman, Italian label Jil Sander, and New York-based Deveaux, the look is quite understated, with solid-color curly fabrics used to create classic sweaters and cardigans with a weekend appeal. -end in the Hamptons.

At Los Angeles-based Amiri – who, under the aegis of eponymous Creative Director Mike Amiri, recently produced some brilliantly quirky collections – the ultra-sleek curly suits originally created by Chanel are reinterpreted as short suits. elegantly cut. in sullen tones. At Casablanca and YSL, on the other hand, the look is more subversive, with classic curly cardigans and jackets contrasting with awkward crotchless silk shorts and worn denim jeans.

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