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Ask any creative individual where they get their inspiration from and chances are travel is high on the list. Acquainting with various forms of art, culture and ethos, traveling allows people to accumulate all kinds of experiences.

And fashion has often found creative input and inspiration in travel. Travel-induced design sensibilities tap into complex and intuitive qualities such as fun, beauty and cultural resonance. Let’s find out how their travels impacted the aesthetics of these designers.

CreatorRahul Mishra

I am influenced and inspired by the people, the flowers and the architecture of the places I visit. My latest collection was inspired by my trip to Santorini, Greece. I soaked up everything – from the architecture and the colors of the ocean to the sky and how it changes the mood of the city with its nuances. These elements have found their place in my collection. Likewise, my next show at Paris Couture Week is inspired by my love for the mountains. Uttarakhand flowers such as anemones, geraniums, marsh marigolds, primroses, asters, blue poppy, cobra lily and brahma kamal will find their place in the digital show.

Designer Shruti Sancheti in Deauville Trouville in France

Designer Shruti Sancheti

Travel has been an integral part of my life. Since childhood, I have always been interested in exploring different cultures; their art and their architecture. Over the years, my travel experiences have found their way to manifest in my various collections. From trance-inducing dervish dancing, Fabergé, or the beautiful places of the Czech Republic to the intricate ancient weaving traditions of Benares to the rustic mining traditions of Jharkhand, many elements come together for a collection. When I traveled to the Czech Republic, I found myself spending more time and resources in a souk, flea market, or weaver center, as opposed to fancy malls and shopping streets.

Designer Ritu Beri in Kokand, Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan

Designer Ritu Beri

I like to visit local souks and markets to experience their uniqueness. Flea markets around the world have always been my first choice to visit and they are a wealth of ideas. Fashion and design are always influenced by global culture. The traditionalism of a place is a big influence and creates global trends. When I discovered Uzbekistan, I was obsessed with its ikats and in all my collections I used Ikat. In Central Asia, ikat is beautiful because it strikes with its sophistication and minimalism.

Designer Anushree Parekh in Petra, Jordan

Creator Anushree Parekh

From visiting art galleries to local shopping, exploring a new place provides insight into its culture and society at large. Local art, textiles and even the people you meet – it can all inspire you. For me, Mexico was that. It inspired me with its colors and its dynamism. The effortless street style of New York (USA) and the antique silver work of Israel have left a mark on my designs. My recent trip to Rajasthan was also wonderful as it gave me the opportunity to explore the beautiful prints.

Designer Anupamaa Dayal in Mardin, Southeast Anatolia

Creator Anupamaa Dayal

Recently I visited Mardin in Turkey and left an indelible mark on my mind. I distinctly and fondly remember that it was located above a rocky hill on the Mesopotamian plains near the Tigris. The beautiful monuments, mansions, museums, mosques and the magnificent Deyr-az-Zaferan monastery, the 5th century saffron monastery, tell a lot about the ancient civilization. The bazaar is an enchanted place where you can find the famous bittim oil soap, made from wild pistachio, as well as angora, cotton, fine jewelry, special wines from the region and dibek coffee, made from salep, roasted coffee, mastic gum, chocolate, cardamom, cream, ground in the dibek stone.

The designer Neeta Lulla

Traveling has always been inspiring to me, whether it’s boarding a plane or even people watching in an airport transit area. Whether traveling to Kanchipuram for their saris or visiting artisans in Kalamkari or interacting with weavers in Paithan, these trips inspire my sensitivity to color and design. An interesting source of inspiration was one of my trips to Los Angeles where I had the opportunity to visit a studio that deals with prosthetics. I was deeply inspired by their attention to detail and I think it’s very important not only to draw inspiration from colors, textures and weaves, but also from the technique of making a garment.

Insha Ghai, travel blogger

Insha Ghai, travel blogger

I think traveling really helps shape fashion content aesthetically. When traveling to a new place, it is very important to understand the culture before planning anything else. It helps to integrate into the place. It helps to expand your social circle and meet new people, so it’s important to do a little research beforehand to avoid unintended signs of disrespect. I buy things that have cultural significance to where you are traveling such as authentic souvenirs. I personally make sure to get magnets of the country’s traditional items.

Ishita Mangal, lifestyle influencer

Ishita Mangal, lifestyle influencer

When I travel, I look for local markets and local handicrafts in the area I’m going to. I like to research the authentic and local crafts of this place and go to their stores. This item ends up being not only a unique piece in my closet or home, but also a keepsake. I want to collect unique items from all over the world to create my own unique collection. I like to observe the habits, the behaviors, the food, the architecture and especially the fashion of each region. Inspiration is literally everywhere, no matter where you go. It all depends on what hits you. Anything that catches my eye, I take a picture or write it down. And keep coming back to these images or notes for use in my content or work. I’m particularly drawn to understanding the art, culture and fashion of each location. From the culture, you can understand the derivations of their art and fashion at the same time. It is very interesting to understand how the beliefs of humans influence their way of life, their dress and their tastes.


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