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Dove Cameron looks impeccable in a steaknives zip-up jumpsuit

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DoveCameron / Instagram

Dove Cameron recorded 2 million likes overnight for her jaw-dropping Halloween costume. The 24-year-old “Descendants” actress had already teased a little something “soft” for her 37.9 million Instagram followers last night bringing a giant confrontation. Dove’s “Catwoman” look more than took off via photos, a figure-highlighting video and screams of honor – the former Disney star also ensured she shouted “Batman Returns” in the face. to Michelle Pfeiffer. The post also turned out racy with a bit of unzipped latex action. Find out below.

DoveCameron / Instagram

Scroll down for the video. Dove, who had teased yesterday that she looks “mean” but “is sweet,” had returned in her tight, black, latex jumpsuit. Screaming 1992 and pop culture in general, the former Disney star debuted in selfie mode and flaunting her impeccable figure near kitchen steak knives and among marble counters.

Gorgeous complexion, simple pony, red nails and major MEOWW vibes continued in the video – here Dove was again in profile and looked like butter that wouldn’t melt.

DoveCameron / Instagram

Keep scrolling for the video. Dove, whose IG is known to be whimsical, kicked off her own “Crouching Tiger” moment by showing off her high heels, also taking a moment for a little ride or a virtual treat – gummy candies appeared sandwiched in the middle of the pics of the actress, with a gorgeous face pictured also showing catwing eyeliner, Dove’s closed eyes, a plump pink pout and those little black cat ears.

“Honey, I’m home,” Dove captioned, also including a photo of “Catwoman” OG Michelle Pfeiffer – of course, she was also quoting the “Scarface” actress.

DoveCameron / Instagram

Click here and slide for the video. Dove didn’t just get 2.1 million likes overnight. It looks like the “We Belong” singer has attracted another former Disney face, along with 23-year-old “Shake It Up” alum Bella Thorne.

Halloween photos of Dove arrive as she continues to quarantine herself with boyfriend Thomas Doherty, even opening up to him and their daily routines in a lockdown Zoom on the date with Byrdie. Turns out the BF makes some awesome smoothies:

“My adorable boyfriend also makes these amazing morning smoothies which are protein, collagen, octane oil, blueberries, spinach and sometimes oats.”

DoveCameron / Instagram

Dove’s Instagram, heavy on personal grooming – something the actress admitted “isn’t always pretty” – has also been heavy on high-end fashion lately, with COVID bringing blonde beauty in. a stunning red strapless Oscar la Renta dress. The message was clear, however, as Dove wore a protective mask, also writing:

“Wearing ?? your ?? thin ?? mask ?? even ?? while ?? wearing ?? your ?? @oscardelarenta ?? ball gown”

Weight issues have been less easy for Cameron after her bikini trip to Utah this summer. Dove silenced the shampoos – she’s an anorexia survivor herself.

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