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Eagles New Player Series (or current player with a new role): Marquise Goodwin Edition

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During the offseason, we’ll be looking at a handful of players who are either new to the Philadelphia Eagles or already with the team, but we may not know much about them yet.

Today we’ll take a look at wide catcher Marquise Goodwin.

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Goodwin is one of the fastest players in the NFL, or at least he has been, so his skill set matches the Eagles’ greatest need. He ran a 4.27 at the 2013 NFL Combine.

Goodwin had his best season in 2017, catching 56 passes for 962 yards and 2 touchdowns. His career yardage average is 16.6.

The cost to acquire it was not very high. Basically the Eagles traded sixth round picks with the Niners, falling 19 spots, and then they were able to get him to agree to lower his salary by $ 3,950,000 to $ 1,350,000 (with the possibility of incentives), by Mike Kaye from NJ.com.

So why so cheap? Injuries. Goodwin has started each of the last two seasons as a starter, but hasn’t finished as a starter, missing 12 games along the way.

For starters, Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan described Knee and ankle injuries Goodwin suffered as “chronic” when they placed him on IR in December of last season. So it’s not good.

But the story of Goodwin’s head injuries is even more alarming. In Game 6 of the season in 2019, his last as a starter, Goodwin was knocked out of the game on the next hit, and he did not make the Niners’ next two games. (You’ll see him shoot while performing a cross from the left side of the formation to the right, then staying face down on the field.)


Goodwin had already suffered five concussions in 17 months in 2016 and 2017, as compiled by SportsInjuryPredictor.com:

  1. 23/08/16: Goodwin suffered a concussion during practice leading up to the 3rd preseason game. He missed the last two preseason contests and returned for Week 1.
  2. 09/15/16: Goodwin suffered a concussion in the final game of a Thursday night loss to the Jets in Week 2. He had crossed the protocol on Monday and played the third week.
  3. 23/10/16: Goodwin suffered a concussion in the 4th quarter against the Dolphins and missed the next game.
  4. 01/10/17: Goodwin suffered a concussion in overtime against the Cardinals but played the following week.
  5. 12/31/17: Goodwin left Week 17 early after suffering a concussion.

The concussion in week 17 of 2017 was frightening.


After that five concussion run, Goodwin couldn’t find the same level of success he had in his breakout season in 2017.

Here is Goodwin’s 2019 Game Diary.

Marquise Goodwin Snaps Targets Rec. yards TD
* Week 1 – Buccaneers 49 3 1 7 0
* Week 2 – Bengals 35 3 3 77 1
* Week 3 – Steelers 53 2 2 41 0
* Week 4 – Browns 46 4 3 41 0
* Week 5 – Rams 47 3 2 15 0
* Week 6 – Washington 7 1 0 0 0
Week 10 – Seahawks ten 3 0 0 0
Week 11 – Cardinals 23 2 1 5 0
TOTAL 270 21 12 186 1


As you can see, Goodwin only played 33 snaps the rest of the season after being knocked out in Week 6, and he only had one catch for 5 yards on 5 targets, with multiple falls. .

Before the head injury suffered against Washington, Goodwin was a low target receiver, but still somewhat valuable as opposing defenses had to respect his speed. The Niners used the playing action to set up shooting games against him, although his only big game on the field was a broken cover by the Bengals.

Here are all of Goodwin’s targets in 2019. As you’ll see, you could hit him for four or five drops on just 21 targets:

Outlook 2020

Goodwin’s days as a rookie NFL wide receiver are quite possibly over. However, it does make sense in a sort of “DeSean Jackson short term insurance” role.

If the oft-injured Jackson were to play a game here or there, or if he needed a rest during the game, Goodwin’s speed is well known in the league and could fill the role of Jackson.

He could serve in brief thrusts as a low target speed receiver, which could force opposing defenses to continue to respect the threat of getting beaten overhead, thus keeping short to mid-range areas of the field unobstructed for people like Zach. . Ertz, Dallas Goedert and Miles Sanders.

Normally, assigning a place to such a player who would not contribute to special teams might not be safe, but with the addition of two places in the week in the new collective agreement, his inclusion on the roster does not exceed. Saving Jackson might be more achievable.

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