Emerging fashion designers are in the spotlight at CO*LAB this weekend


NOISE 22 is a three-day fashion event presented by Nulla Art & Fashion Collective to showcase new designers from Edmonton and around the world.

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NOISE 22 is a three-day fashion event presented by Nulla Art & Fashion Collective this weekend. A new branch of long-established Patti Falconer modeling agency, Nulla was created to support emerging designers and Noise will see nearly two dozen talents on a runway at CO*LAB on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

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Below are some of the talents to look out for.

Neighborhood Zachary

Zachary Ward, 29, recently earned a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Calgary, but has worked in clothing design and production since high school at Harry Ainlay.

Ward is very excited to show off two new pandemic-inspired jackets from his Covid Couture collection. The first is made from air mesh, which is a three-dimensional synthetic fabric often used in the production of office chairs, sports shoes and camping bags. The second is teal in color and is inspired by the silhouettes of medical professionals in early 20th century field hospitals, but is combined with modern lines and pleats to construct a hood.

A piece from fashion designer Zachary Ward's Covid Couture collection.
A piece from fashion designer Zachary Ward’s Covid Couture collection. Photo by Zachary Ward /Provided

Amber Chaba

Inspired by Italian glam-rock band Måneskin and a personal breakup, 24-year-old MC College (formerly Marvel) alum Amber Chaba presents her collection, Breakout Sex.

“The lead singer wears lingerie and dresses, like more feminine, even though he’s quite masculine, so I thought that was a good idea,” Chaba says of men’s loungewear. BDSM inspiration she designed for her brand, A death scene.

Chaba’s collection presents two facets, a monochrome red and black collection. She is thrilled with one particular piece from her red collection, a quilted PVC kimono.

“I think it looks really interesting instead of something flowing, it’s a little more structured than what we’re used to seeing,” she says.

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Liam O’Gilvie

Liam O’Gilvie, 22, is a first-generation Jamaican-Canadian fashion designer known as The Wardrobe Chemist. Nulla will be her first show as a designer. Nearly three weeks ago, O’Gilvie decided to abandon her original collection and opt for a new theme, Abnormal Growth. His collection is made up of structured pieces, businesswear mixed with art.

“What inspired my collection this time around is the art of growing at different rates; all the parts are also recycled,” says O’Gilvie.

He’s been working to make industry connections, first with his Nulla showcase, then a trip he’s planned with friends to New York Fashion Week.

You can read the entire event here.

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