November 27, 2021
  • November 27, 2021

England candidate for the 2025 Women’s Rugby World Cup

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  • RFU plans to launch legacy program to develop women’s football
  • Basic initiative seeking to attract 60,000 new registered players

The governing body of the English rugby union, the Rugby Football Union (RFU), has confirmed that it will be a candidate to host the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2025.

The RFU aims to adopt a multi-regional format for the tournament which would see the game take place in various cities across England. The country had previously hosted the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2014.

In preparation for this event, the RFU aims to implement a new legacy program, which will support the growth of women’s football from the official launch of the bid in 2022 until the tournament in 2025.

The legacy program will aim to develop more female coaches and referees, encourage more women to play the sport at an organized level, as well as support international development within the original unions.

The RFU’s grassroots initiative will seek to attract 60,000 new registered players across the country, in addition to 500 coaches and 1,000 match officials.

In recent years, the RFU reports that women’s participation in sport has increased from 13,000 to 40,000 registered players at the club level, with 80,000 registered players playing for schools, colleges and universities.

In addition, the legacy program will seek to host a “Rugby Festival” event in the future, involving 2,500 students and 150 club transition events.

As part of the RFU’s bid for the tournament, which will officially launch in January, the governing body is also looking to create a new generation of women’s rugby fans through increased marketing for the sport and an increase in the number of women rugby fans. attendance at Allianz Premier 15s. rugby matches. Part of that plan is to introduce more women’s events in clubs.

Additionally, two new roles have been created, with Alex Teasdale appointed Head of Female and Female Game, where she will be responsible for participation, performance, marketability and visibility. Matt Farnes was also named the RFU’s senior marketing manager for women’s football.

The RFU estimates the tournament could generate £ 156.25million (US $ 214million) for the local economy, with projections of an economic return of £ 5 (US $ 6.88) for every 1 pound sterling (US $ 1.38 invested). The legacy program could generate £ 86million (US $ 118.5million) in returns, which is based on growing women’s participation – on and off the pitch – combined with contributing to the strategy from the UK government for sport.

“Securing RWC 2025 would add to the impressive list of major sporting events that the UK has attracted since London 2012, further strengthening the UK’s international reputation as a premier major events destination and leader worldwide in the promotion of women’s sport, ”said Bill Sweeney, director of the RFU. General manager.

“In addition to providing excellent economic returns, the organization of the tournament would help further promote rugby as an inclusive sport and provide a stepping stone to narrow the gap between male and female participation.”

Sue Day, RFU operations and finance manager and former England women’s captain, added: “Getting a bid to host the Women’s RWC would be amazing. We want to leave a lasting legacy for women’s rugby in England, the UK and around the world, both to attract more players and to attract new fans.

“As we have seen in other home World Cups in cricket, hockey and netball, a RWC would advance all women’s sports further and nothing beats watching the Red Roses compete in front of a crowd at full capacity. at Twickenham Stadium. “

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