Fashion designers and designers share their feel-good outfits


If you love fashion like me, nothing is more admirable than seeing someone wear their clothes with confidence. No matter what it looks like to you, the feeling is reciprocal – when you swing something that speaks to your personality, mood, or energy, your self-awareness shines through. Maybe because you sourced your accessories sustainably, or by buying them, you discovered a small brand that values ​​inclusivity and social justice. Maybe that slogan printed on your graphic tee or comfy tracksuit is the one you want to shout from the top of the hills. Or maybe it’s just the color combination you’ve chosen that lights up your aura.

Anyway, I’m more inspired to create an outfit like this from scratch when I learn how others approach their own way of dressing to feel good. That’s why I asked industry creatives and friends with a bold but different style to give their thoughts. What do they wear when they want to send out good vibes? I wanted to know. From fashion designer Victor Glemaud’s mixed prints to ALOK’s multicolored candy stripe Versace mini dress, the upcoming looks have all made me smile, and that’s why they’re on my mood board now — because seeing others feel good makes me feel good, too. If we start with this intention every time we dress, the world will undoubtedly be a happier place.


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