October 13, 2021
  • October 13, 2021

Fashion editors from 9 brands still buy their basics

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If you asked fashion editor what part of their wardrobe got the most attention would probably be the basics. Forming the staple of any outfit, these diligent shopping can take a back seat, but they can be surprisingly difficult to achieve. After all, the absence of adornment or distraction means the emphasis is more on a perfect fit and quality fabrics – in essence, there’s nowhere to hide.

Everyone has their favorite brands for the different basics of their wardrobe: for example I always go to Arket for white t-shirts and crewneck knits. There are, however, a handful of brands that are widely regarded as security solutions in the basics department, both on the department store and designer side of the market. So I did a little survey of my fellow editors to find out which brands they turn to over and over again for those perfect jeans, ankle boots, turtlenecks or tops.

From luxurious cashmere from Raey and trendy couture from Toteme, to enviable outerwear from COS and minimalist dividers from Uniqlo, scroll down to see and shop for the best brands of wardrobe basics.

1. Raey

Raey Recycled yarn cotton blend T-shirt (£ 85)

Raey Angel bootcut jeans in organic and recycled cotton (£ 140)

Raey Recycled cashmere blend turtleneck sweater (£ 325)

2. Market

Marlet Oversized pima cotton T-shirt (£ 25)

Ark High waist linen pants (£ 69)

Ark Long down coat 2021 (£ 225)

3. Mark & ​​Spencer

Autograph Double breasted wool coat (£ 179)

M&S Collection Chunky Leather Chelsea Boots (£ 69)

Autograph Textured pure cashmere sweater (£ 79)

4. Vincent

Vincent Wool-blend track pants (£ 390)

Vincent Ribbed knit tank top (£ 125)

Vincent Cashmere sweater (£ 390)

5. Uniqlo

Uniqlo Uniqlo U Women’s Trench Coat (£ 130)

Uniqlo Uniqlo U High Rise Regular Fit Straight Leg Jeans (£ 35)

Uniqlo Women’s Uniqlo U Crew-Neck Sweatshirt (?? 25)

6. Toteme

totem Herringbone wool-blend blazer (£ 565)

totem Organic cotton shirt (£ 270)

totem Barrel Organic High-Rise Straight Jeans (£ 230)

7. Parents

Close Mid-length knit dress, gray (£ 89)

Close Oversized poplin shirt, white (£ 55)

Close Waxed cotton coat, green (£ 115)

8. ME + EM

Me + Em Adjustable waist flannel slim pants (£ 175)

Me + Em Relaxed merino cashmere sweater (£ 225)

Me + Em Cotton twill jumpsuit (£ 250)

9. COS

Cos Long-sleeved wool top (£ 45)

Cos Belted wrap coat (£ 190)

Cos Oversized mohair-blend sweater (£ 89)

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