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From Palmerston North to London, the meteoric rise of the fashion photographer | 1 NEWS

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When Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue magazine wants a spectacular cover photo, Mariano Vivanco is probably the man they are calling.

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He has photographed a few big names including Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian. Source: Sunday

Photographer Kiwi has captured the who’s who of the rich and famous like Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez.

Mariano’s family moved from Peru to New Zealand when he was young.

“I appreciate, respect and love the fact that I had my formative years in New Zealand,” he told journalist Daniel Faitaua on Sunday.

His father, Dr William Vivanco, quickly put them on the map when he made headlines around the world in 1998.

“My dad is a scientist, he actually cloned the world’s first cow in a project in Palmy, Project Ruakura – we all had a little bit of a sense of pride.”

Mariano loved rugby in college, but on his last day of school everything changed when his friend brought a camera.

“The minute I held it, I couldn’t let go. And my dad, who had never really spoiled us or done anything, bought me a camera the next day.

He studied photography outside of school hours until, armed with his portfolio, he left for Australia.

There he continued his studies before returning to Auckland, where he hit the ground while running.

“I’ve done Fashion Quarterly a couple of times, more or less regularly with She, Cleo right now,” says Mariano.

Famous Kiwi photographer Mariano Vivanco with singer and fashion designer Rihanna. Source: Supplied

From Auckland, the photographer moved to London to try his luck by winning the jackpot.

“I had 10 pounds in the bank and… Yeah, that was one of those times where I was like ‘Thank you my God’,” he says after finally getting a job in the UK.

Soon Mariano was working with big names, including Rihanna.

“I met her while working for Elle Magazine and we connected.”

Connected is an understatement – Rihanna helped push Mariano into the fashion stratosphere.

The singer would only be doing a cover shoot for Harper’s Bazaar if photographer Kiwi did.

“I had never worked for them and I think there was some resistance from them to use me because it’s a big blanket, you know, it’s Rihanna, and she wouldn’t take it. work unless I turn it on. “

You can watch the full Sunday exclusive story in the video above, where Mariano first reveals the struggles, setbacks and challenges he overcame to rise to the top of the fashion world. from Palmerston North.

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