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Gary Glitter “served a 12 year old girl with champagne and slept with her on the 1977 tour”

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Gary Glitter gave the 12-year-old girl her first glass of champagne before taking her back to a Holiday Inn where he launched his attack, it is said.

Former glam rock star Gary Glitter yelled at a 12-year-old girl for touching her wig while sexually assaulting her in a hotel room, a court has heard.

Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, subjected the girl to an “extended episode of sexual abuse” after inviting her and her mother behind the scenes of her Cabaret tour in 1977.

The woman said she received her first glass of champagne and cigarettes in the singer’s dressing room before he invited her and her mother to a Holiday Inn.

She remembered that her mother, a huge Glitter fan, told her to “act like a big one” in front of the singer and warned, “Don’t let me down”.

After the couple returned to Glitter’s hotel, the girl’s mother left and the singer launched her attack “involving a full range of sexual activity culminating in intercourse,” Southwark Crown Court said.

She said when the singer leaned in to kiss her she tried to push him away, but he yelled at her for touching her hair, saying he had a phobia of people approaching him.

Glitter was going bald around this time and had started wearing wigs, although this was not common knowledge, the court said.

Jurors also learned that the girl, now 50, suffered a second stroke, this time in a Birmingham hotel room, when she was 13.

The 70-year-old musician denies a charge of abusing the girl with alcohol with the intention of “stupefying or forcing” her to have sex with him.

The woman, who grew up in Leicester, spoke today, sobbing as she read the oath.

She told the court that she attended the Glitter show with both of her parents because her mother was a die-hard fan and her father’s job gave her “perks”, such as concert tickets.

She told the court that the show on March 21, 1977, was part of the singer’s Cabaret tour.

Jurors heard the girl was taken backstage after the performance where she was introduced to Glitter, who asked her if she was having a good time.

The musician was concerned, she said, but invited her and her mother to a show the next night, saying he could then devote more time to them.

The girl said she went to the show with her mother, a die-hard Glitter fan, who told her to

The young girl said she went to the show with her mother, a die-hard Glitter fan, who told her to “grow up” in front of the singer. She said when her mother left the hotel, Glitter attacked (pictured, Glitter in court on Monday)

The couple returned and the girl’s mother brought photographs of her daughter’s bedroom with her, to show the singer the posters the girl had hung on the walls, the court said.

The alleged victim said: “He gave us Moet champagne – I was drinking champagne.

“Then my mother talked a lot. I don’t remember what she said. We had golden jackets and he signed his autograph on the jackets.

“I drank a few glasses of champagne. He was just talking and then he told my mom there were a lot of people there but if we wanted to go back to the hotel with him we could chat more.

The two men were taken to Glitter’s black car and driven to the suite where groups of people were located.

Glitter - real name Paul Gadd - is charged with rape, consuming alcohol to

Glitter – real name Paul Gadd – is charged with rape, consuming alcohol to “stupefy or subdue” the girl, and four counts of indecent assault

Once there, she was given more champagne and cigarettes than she took.

She said, “He (Glitter) told a bit of a story. There were people in the room first, he said something, they went, that left the three of us.

“Then he started telling the story – he was mostly talking to my mom, but he was telling us both a story about Spike Milligan.

“He said Spike Milligan was looking for him, he had a gun and he was crazy. And that he thought Gary had slept with his wife.

‘He asked us if we had ever seen his [Milligan’s] woman and we said ‘no’, and he said she was ugly, he wouldn’t have done that. ‘

The woman said her mother got louder and more drunk throughout the night, and she watched her get driven out of the room by producer Mike Leander, who also worked for the Rolling Stones.

Glitter reportedly told the girl “how are you,” picked up a bottle of champagne and two glasses, then led her with one hand into the bedroom.

She told the court that the singer was missing before returning a bit later and kissing her.

The alleged victim said she raised her hands over his head in an attempt to push him away, but Glitter got angry because she touched his hair.

She said: “He told me never to touch his hair – no one is allowed to touch his hair. He said he had a phobia of people touching his hair.

Jurors then heard Glitter tell the girl to undress. When she tried to cover herself with his arms, he told her to go away, before pushing her onto the bed, she said.

The woman said Glitter told her he wanted to look at her properly and kept repeating how beautiful she was as he attacked her.

Describing her state of mind, she added, “My mom is gone, I don’t know what she wants me to do. She really liked this guy, so I think I can’t upset her.

“I was trying to be really an adult because I had been drinking and smoking.”

She added that before attending the concert that night, her mother told her not to let her down and to “look like an adult”, otherwise she would not be allowed into the nightclub. .

The alleged victim said his mother did not reappear until the next morning after dressing when there was a soft knock on the door.

The woman said her mother then poked her head to check if she was okay.

Asked by prosecutor John Price QC, what happened next, she added: ‘[My mother] walked out of the room again and [Gary] grabbed my hand, redeemed me from him and kissed me.

“Then he said” You are a really smart girl, you got dressed before your mother came in. ”

The woman told Southwark Crown Court that Glitter kissed her, but when she pushed him away, he criticized her for touching her hair and then forced her to undress, blaming her for taking herself off. covered with his arms.

The woman told Southwark Crown Court that Glitter kissed her, but when she pushed him away, he criticized her for touching her hair and then forced her to undress, blaming her for taking herself off. covered with his arms.

Jurors heard that the woman had seen Glitter perform about five or six times.

She recalled an incident later that year when she had gone to a Birmingham hotel on her own that she called the Top Hat Hotel.

Mr. Price asked him, “Did anything else happen to you while you were at the hotel?”

She replied, “The day I got home, I had a bath and I got dressed, and I put on my t-shirt and my pants – ridiculous baggy pants that kids wear.

“And he (Glitter), turned around and said ‘I like your panties’.”

The woman said she was “embarrassed” and then went to the bathroom to find that she had started her period. “That’s what he was referring to,” she added.

The court heard that the alleged victim did not tell police what happened to him until after his mother’s death in 2012.

Explaining why, she said, “Because I couldn’t talk to my mom about it, and I knew deep down that she knew – over the years, I know she did.

“But I couldn’t, I just thought it would kill her, it would break her heart.” I couldn’t let him know, I couldn’t tell him.

“I think she got to a point where she knew, but it just wasn’t for conversation.”

However, over the years, the woman had confided in her daughters about her alleged torture.

In cross-examination, Sallie Bennett-Jenkins QC attempted to determine how popular Glitter had been.

She told the witness, “Nowadays I guess it’s One Direction, in the 70s Gary Glitter was a huge pop star, wasn’t he?”

The woman agreed, saying she had been a fan, but her mother had been much older.

She said: “When my mom played her music or collected things it was the happiest I had ever seen her – it was her time.”

The alleged victim was questioned about the photographs she had produced of her and her mother posing with Glitter backstage.

Ms Bennett-Jenkins suggested the photos must have been taken before the singer’s energetic performances as Glitter did not appear to be confused,

However, the woman retaliated, saying there had been backstage showers.

Ms Bennett-Jenkins said: “There’s a very specific reason why Glitter didn’t shower backstage.

“That’s because at that time, we didn’t know he had lost his hair – he was quite bald. And to have disclosed that would be damaging his public image.

“And so, after the show, hot and sweaty, he always got out of the club quickly to go and fix the wigs he was wearing.”

In addition to the charge of abusing the girl with alcohol, he faces a second charge of unlawful sex involving the same girl and four counts of indecent assault.

The former star is also accused of two counts of indecent assault concerning another fan whom he allegedly assaulted when he invited her to his dressing room after a concert.

Jurors have previously heard of a woman who claims she was under 10 when Glitter allegedly climbed into bed and attempted to rape her.

Dressed in a gray overcoat, black shirt and black velvet waistcoat, and his signature black glasses, Glitter listened intently to the proceedings with the help of lip-speaking interpreters.

He denies all the charges. The trial continues.

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