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GEORGE ORWELL AND his classic novel Animal Farm has inspired many artists over the years and avant-garde jewelry designer Poonam Soni is the latest to follow the line. She caught the attention of fashionistas with her new-age look; funky and challenging Animal Farm Revival edition.

The Mumbai-based designer who collaborated on it with her daughter Kriti calls this 3D edit her best in 31 years. She says, “It has been extremely satisfying to create the collection. It delivers a strong message of joy, positivity and unity in a context of arrogance, power, competition and divisibility. Soni who designed it in 2018 tells us how the flamboyantly dressed animals are actually liberated in his editing. Extracts.

What inspired you about Orwell to edit?

All my collections are inspired by art, architecture or history and are based on an artistic aesthetic in keeping with the moods of the time. Animal Farm is a classic satire I read in college. Although inspired by the animals that rebel against autocracy in the novel, the animal pendants in our collection are happy, liberated and convey a strong message of hope and equality. Their joie de vivre is palpable in every room. Each animal is flamboyantly dressed in tuxedos, hats, buckle belts, designer backpacks – and is shown playing golf, riding a tricycle – generally living a free and quiet life.

Do you have a favorite among the lot?

I love every piece I’ve designed. Everyone is doing better. The best is yet to come but I have a soft corner for Napoleon the pig on the tricycle. It was my first play and my Napoleon rolls around so happily in his enamel shorts, a far cry from the dictator in George Orwell’s book.

What kind of accessories can we find in the edition?

Our first collection includes 12 pieces. So, there are bunnies playing golf, pigs enjoying a tricycle ride, a lion winning a race, and a cat getting ready for a photo shoot in all its designer clothes. I kept my neck, feet, arms and legs flexible. If a wheel is used, it can move, the shopping bag also has movement, and the hat perched on the cat’s head has flexibility. Creating soft and flexible rooms, which is our USP, is even more relevant in this case to make rooms look human and soft. We used color textures, stones, enamel washes, carved pipes, European crystals, precious rubies, leather cords and fabric bows.

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