Harper’s Bazaar’s annual Fashion Week party is back with a bang


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There’s no place like home – or as New Yorkers call it, Bloomingdale’s. “It’s one of the happiest places on earth, isn’t it? Michael Kors was walking up the escalator. “A landmark,” Heidi Klum echoed the sentiment by pointing to it. The New York Sanitation Department agreed, at least according to the only garbage truck driving around the block and honking, because what’s more in New York than going to work and realizing that you came across the biggest red carpet around?

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It all happened at Harper’s Bazaarthe annual New York Fashion Week gala, the Global Icons Party which celebrates image makers and change makersToday’s fashion trends are shaping up. The event, which celebrated our four September covers, occupied the first three floors of Bloomingdale’s flagship location. But some things just can’t be contained, and a big party is part of it… which could explain why Julia Fox jumped the velvet ropes to pose with a clique of petrified teenagers on 59th Street, or why Jared Leto stood smiling on Lexington Avenue while he gazed into the store windows as if looking at the Sistine Chapel. (The actor was looking at the Louis Vuitton section.

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“You really have box come here and worship fashion, right? » June Ambrose, the legendary stylist. “You can be among people who love style as much as you do.” Ambrose wore a daffodil dress from Marc Jacobs’ runway collection. “At first I thought about channeling Dorothy Dandridge. She was so chic. I thought it would be iconic to be Dorothy Dandridge, but in sneakers. And then I realized I was wearing a yellow dress in New York. I am a taxi, she said laughing, but a very dear.

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just then Cultivatedish Ingenue Justine Skye stepped out in an azure dress by Raisa Vanessa, which matched the theme perfectly Fiji Water bottles that surrounded her…before she was surrounded by several selfie dogs, because CultivatedShe is as delicious as -ish.

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Downstairs, Christian Siriano and Drew Barrymore raided the Casa Magazine stand’s candy stash until, as at Real Casa Reviews downtown—they bumped into a friend. It was real housewife Lea McSweeney. ” Excuse me sir ! she screamed. “Can you tell me if I’m wearing this dress, can you?” It was a Siriano dress. It was a Siriano dress. This was obviously an excuse to eat more Twizzlers, since free candy is almost as good as a dress, especially during Fashion Week.

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“I’m always so hungry this season!” Dove Cameron exclaimed “Dove Cameron!” after arriving in a spectacular Balmain creation. “Still! Do you think I should bring a croissant to the Altuzarra show tomorrow, just in case?” (The obvious answer is, “Yes, but only if you bring enough for the whole class.”)

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Cynthia Rowley is a designer His show on Tuesday, but she still made an appearance “because it’s Bazaar, how could I not? She smiled. “Anyway, I’m always inspired at amazing parties. Like, it’s a place that’s iconic to New York. But I grew up in the Midwest and no one was more iconic to me than Barbie. I had the original, the one with the black and white swimsuit. And now I’m like, wait, what if we made the Barbie swimsuit in real life, and put it on the catwalk?” Tommy Hilfiger’s show is on Sunday, but his icon is a little closer to home. “You’re looking at her,” he says, nodding at Dee. Everything got soft and gooey after that, but maybe that’s because tiny sundaes slid through the crowd.

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Then there was a “surprise” ensemble from Jack Harlow – perhaps Fashion Week’s worst-kept secret, which is saying something – that was fiercely fun and drew a tangle of current runway deities. (Ebonee Davis, Lineisy Monteiro and Faretta Radic among them) on the dance floor. But there was also a real Dance Dance Revolution game where the fashion pack dared to stomp in sync…and in those giant Bottega Veneta boots. Wow. Miss Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and an impromptu Skee Ball tournament are just a few of the other games available in the arcade. Defeated) by Stanford student Phoebe Gates. “I used to play it all the time when I was little!” she exclaimed… but this time she did it in a Balmain dress and heels. Ms. Gates has shared that her ultimate icon is Stella McCartney, due to her goal-oriented style mission, but we wonder if she’s aiming for the title herself, as her liquid liner was immaculate.

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A Related Group claw machine around the corner attracted a steady stream of cool kids trying to win stuffed animals, gift certificates and the admiration of their peers. (Superior gun And Insecure Jay Ellis is an idol Euphoria Angus Cloud riddle and Gossip GirlEvan Mock, Evan’s dream date, was there. “My favorite video game designer is Tetsuyo Namura,” Chandelier author Raven Leilani. “I consider him a style icon because he dresses his characters in those angular zippers and biker jackets that make them look so cool. This,” She smiled and looked at everyone. “it’s a bit like that.”

As Broadway stars Patina Miller and Jane Krakowski made their way to the bar, Gucci muse Alton Mason greeted them… in a full Spiderman costume. “I had to do it,” he deadpanned. “I’ve been saving the city from the bad guys all day. It’s a real honor to serve New York, but when I came home to change for this party, I had to keep the Spider costume because I realized I had nothing to wear.

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