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Since the monsoon is in full swing, we bring you expert tips on skincare, fashion, and why dengue fever is on the rise during this season. Our weekly coverage also includes exclusive interviews with Prateek Kuhad, creators of a first LGBTQIA+ health app, and music producers who break down how Instagram reels influence listeners today.

This week, our coverage focuses on the many aspects of the monsoon, including health, skincare and fashion. Photo Courtesy: istock/Midday File Photos

The last week of June marks the arrival of monsoon and with it a host of problems that come with wet weather and incessant rain. We talk to healthcare professionals who trace the seasonal peak of dengue fever and outline preventive measures. To deal with common skincare issues, a dermatology expert lists easy-to-follow tips that will be effective in warding off infections and nourishing the skin. Fashion experts are also sharing tips on how to ditch the jeans this monsoon, but still look stylish.

In an exclusive interview, singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad talks about his latest album, social media and the impact of the pandemic. Decoding the influence of Instagram reels on current music trends, we talk to music producers and young IG users to understand how they listen to music. Our Pride Month coverage continues with an interaction with the creator of an Indian mental health app that creates resources tailored to the LGBTQIA+ community, enabling access for millions of people around the world. Last but not least, for our “Shelf Life” series which retraces the reading Mumbai culture, Mid-day Online met decade-old book club SwapBook in their first post-Covid meeting.

Here’s the full list of features from the past week:

Explained: Mumbai experts explain why dengue fever increases during monsoon; causes and emergency treatment
The monsoon season in Mumbai brings with it different types of diseases. With the increasing number of dengue fever cases in the city, two city experts simplify the causes, symptoms and preventive methods of dengue and explain why people should be concerned about being affected by it.

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Ditch the jeans this monsoon? Experts share tips on styling different types of bottoms
This is the season of muddy pants and damp clothes, which refuse to dry quickly, which is why Mumbaikars often indulge in monsoon shopping to tackle the hassles of the season ahead of time. Are you one of those who are considering ditching jeans during the monsoon? Fashion experts give tips on how to choose the right alternative and wear stylish looks with comfort.

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Prateek Kuhad: I was very uninspired during the pandemic
Now that concerts are back in full swing, the singer-songwriter is very busy. He recently released his latest album, “The Way That Lovers Do”, and has nearly completed his US tour. In an exclusive interview, Prateek Kuhad talks about his latest album, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and how he hopes to take a break from social media soon.

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Prepare your skin for the monsoon with these expert tips
With the advent of the monsoon, come skin problems. If your skin is sensitive to humid weather, here are some expert tips to help you cope.

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Pride Month: Health apps can facilitate virtual access to mental health resources for the LGBTQIA+ community
Research has established that the prevalence of mental health issues among LGBTQIA+ people is higher. Mid-Day Online spoke with the creator of a mobile app that aims to make mental health resources inclusive and accessible.

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Do Instagram reels define how young people listen to music?
With Instagram reels defining music trends in the current era, Mid-Day Online spoke with music producers and young IG users to understand how the visual-first platform has influenced the way young people listen to songs.

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From travel to community: How Mumbai-based SwapBook’s club brings readers together
Pravin Subramanian started the book club in 2011 with the goal of meeting people. Along the way, he not only built a safe space for female readers, but also brought together book lovers from diverse backgrounds. Mid-day Online attended the latest meeting, which was their first after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, to find out more.

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