How fashion trends keep coming back

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How fashion trends keep coming back

It is said that even a broken clock gives the correct time twice a day. Giving up is part of human nature. We give up our beliefs, our relationships, even our choices and our habits to realize at some point in life that it is indeed the charm of forgetting that makes things beautiful again. While some things left behind cannot live again, others are more likely to come back. Such is the story of fashion trends that often repeat themselves over time.

Fashion historian James Laver best describes the life cycle of a fashion trend. While a trending fashion aesthetic may be in vogue a certain year or month, a few years ago, it was considered bold and daring and will be labeled absurd a few years later. But somewhere in those 50 years, the same style will make a dazzling comeback, leaving everyone reminiscing about the golden age associated with the trend. Take for example flared jeans. Massive success in the 70s, these jeans made a fabulous comeback in the 2020s, appearing in the collections of all the major brands.

Similar to what Laver states in his theory, the second concept explains the inevitable return of fashion trends under the 20-year rule. The year 2002 is considered by many to be the year of fashion disasters. Seriously, what was there to like? Singer Avril Lavigne’s punk rock-style cargo pants paired with a crop top and cringe-worthy ties, a jumpsuit later worn by Jenny of fame J Lo. Today, the modern punk style reigns supreme 20 years later in its much sleeker version. Oversized leather jackets and platform boots are back in style.

But nothing speaks of the return of the trends of yesteryear like hyper-stylized TV series on popular streaming services. The Netflix sci-fi fantasy series Stranger Things inspired fashionistas so much that 80s fashion came back into fashion in the 2020s. Another Netflix show, Bridgerton, featured fabulous outfits from the era of the 18th century Regency and viewers fell in love with it. It wasn’t just cosplay or theme parties that sparked the return of these fabulous style trends 40, 100, or 200 years later, it was the attention to detail and love for beloved characters in which audiences have invested so much time and attention that the style and trends of 200 years ago have become part of the modern viewer’s shopping list. And whatever the consumer wants, the consumer gets. Movies and TV have always had a huge impact on people over every decade and if the theme is period drama, rest assured that the styles and trends featured on the show are sure to creep into modern creativity.

Empire waist dresses, corsets and full length gloves are in such demand that there has been an increase of over 500% in demand for Regency era fashion items. Even puff sleeves and headbands are returning to stores, thanks to the hit Netflix series season 2.

The popular 90s Mom jeans are making a big comeback this season with all the major brands presenting their version in an ode to this 90s trend. Plaid pants are also cool again after a 30-year hiatus. Wide leg pants have also made a comeback not only to beat the scorching heat, but also to add a touch of effortless chic to your overall look.

Spring/Summer collections from top designers include crop tops, bikini tops and halter tops, all staples of the late 90s and early 2000s.

In the accessories department, choker necklaces are back in vogue. Statement earrings are all the rage these days, especially when paired with sparkly dresses and jumpsuits. Iconic acrylic rings are also back in trend, thanks to the obsession with singing sensations like Dua Lipa. Remember Britney Spears’ famous bucket hats, well, they’re pretty much back in style this season too.

One shoe trend that seems to be coming back from the 2000s is platform heels. Fashion experts predict that velvet boots will reign supreme in the winter of 2022.

With fashion returns ranging from 20 to 200 years ago, it is difficult to determine which theory is true for fashion returns. But one thing is for sure, with the high aesthetic sense and exposure to a whole variety of trends from different eras at their disposal, modern Instagram-savvy consumers are quite capable of bringing fashionable trends back to themselves- themselves instead of waiting for an elite. designer to make the same happy decision for them.

(This article is attributed to Shilpi Gupta Founder of Shilpi Gupta Couture)

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