How to dress like a grown-up with Shane Watson: My fashion resolution? I will not go back to black


How to dress like a grown-up with Shane Watson: My fashion resolution? I will not go back to black

  • Shane Watson shares tips for adopting fashion resolutions to 2022
  • Suggest people stop buying black clothes and try wearing snake gold chain
  • UK-based fashion expert also suggests swapping outfits for bright clothes

Are fashion resolutions the hardest to keep? Probably. There are so many things that can get in the way of a fashion sense: sales (but it’s 70% off!); the trend that looks like something we wore 20 years ago (so maybe we still can!); the desire to copy Julie at work because she is beautiful in everything.

And the other big problem with fashion resolutions is that you never really know what to expect. Could Anna Wintour have predicted that she would love sweatpants by 2021? Did we guess Sarah Jessica Parker would be back on our screens in the Dressed Up Sex And The City And Just Like That reboot. . . overalls? With fashion, you can never say never, but you can say that I have learned lessons and that I will do my best to respect them.

Here are some of my resolutions for 2022 that I think are fairly easy to follow:

  • Swap black pants for black jeans. Don’t we all have several black pants hanging in our wardrobes and never wear them? No. Because there is always something less uniform and less boring. Instead, opt for black jeans and dress it up with a blazer or evening top. Raw hem looks the newest.

Luminous: Laura Dern in white

  • Get a snake gold chain. A bare, open neck feels bare and cold at this point. A blouse with a tie neck is also a good solution.
  • Don’t buy black anymore. This elegant black dress is calling you, and it always will be, but black is dark on over 50s and most women over 45. some wide velvet pants. We’re not saying black is forbidden, take it easy.
  • Get a cream coat instead of a black one. A cream or ecru coat changes the game. It’s brighter and different and the opposite of a funeral, and that’s where we need to be.
  • Stop buying evening shoes. We might like sparkly shoes, but most of us don’t need more than three pairs. The narrow platform sandal, a silver or gold sandal, and a black suede pump should cover most options. What’s much more useful is a sleek and neat mid-heel ankle boot – now you can wear them with everything, for most occasions.
  • Recycle the pretty dresses from last summer by wearing them with a structured blazer on top and midi boots or block heels.
  • Wear a thin turtleneck with a tailored suit to look classy in a stylish new way.
  • Say no to more combinations. I’ve come to the tipping point with the suits: I own way too many of them because they have become my safe space, my easy to use solution, and now they have lost their X Factor.
  • Try to surprise more. The test of this is when old friends tell you that you look good. This always means either: a) that you wear makeup for a change; or b) you are not wearing your usual uniform, and this is a pleasant surprise. Surprising in addition, in a good way, is an important goal for women who do not intend to take the background. Sunglasses and earrings help.
  • Be slightly more aware of your body. In 2022, the miniskirt will be a big novelty, as will the cutouts at the waist, open backs, exposed shoulders, etc. .

Gone are the days of cozy and comfy work-at-home clothes – it’s time to step into the light and become more figure-conscious. And if we don’t show our thighs (which we don’t), maybe now is the time to put our arms bare. Tins of baked beans and kettle bells at your fingertips.

  • Be 20 percent different. It’s the fashion equivalent of resolving to travel more, start salsa, or join a wild swim club – it’s so much easier. All that entails is making an effort to step out of your fashion comfort zone: wear something every week that you don’t normally wear, just because you’re stuck in a rut of easy life. . You will find that you have a lot of these surprises in your wardrobe.
  • Wear bright colors. This is an obvious resolution for mature women and perfect for 2022: Strong colors in striking combinations is the message the designers are releasing with and all we have to do is don’t fight it. . I think a red handbag – much like the ones on the Prada catwalk – is the perfect place to start; a shiny accessory and a touch of warm color that will ignite any outfit.

On the way to a brighter 2022.



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