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Minimal. Futuristic. Avant-garde. Three words that best describe the fashion brand DEMOBAZA. In this ever-changing world of fashion, nothing is more important today than fashion trends that are ethically driven and remind us of the beauty of nature and the natural world, and that’s exactly what Bulgarian-born fashion designers Demo and Tono want. to create.

They have a distinctive history and style that permeates their amazing creations. From Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Grimes to Janet Jackson, Pink, Gary Numan and KSI, the fashion house has grown hugely in popularity over the years since its debut in 2007, as well as being featured in a number of films. , the last being DUNE. DEMOBAZA will be presented at LA Fashion Week this spring.

Euro Weekly News: Tell us a bit about your background, where are you based and how did you two end up in this fashion partnership?

Demo: Well, each of us designed clothes from an early age for different occasions, even though we both took completely different courses: Tono studied set design and I studied anthropology. But the main thing that remains throughout is our passion for fashion and self-expression. Otherwise, our main office and production is based in Bulgaria and we personally travel and live in different places around the world.

Tono: We met one summer after a party and that day we immediately started sewing on a very small basic household sewing machine on the floor for about 24 hours non-stop! The result was our first men’s jeans; a pair of baggy pants that we also hand washed for a vintage look. These pants immediately caught the attention of many friends and people.

After that, we started seeing each other more often until we decided to completely start working together in visual arts, photography, graphic design and fashion. We reached a point where we were no longer able to handle the visual arts aspect due to the increase in fashion clientele and so fashion naturally took over our lives. So yes, everything happened in a totally natural and organic way for us and our fashion journey!

Europe Weekly News: DEMOBAZA is quickly becoming a well-known fashion brand, loved by many celebrities. How did the concept of desert and futuristic fashion aesthetics come about?

Demo: It’s actually the combination of our personal style, our approach and our expression in creating clothes.

Tono: The demo is more ‘demo’, more raw with its turned seams, raw edges, cuts and reconstructed constructions of the garments which bring this adventurous and trashy nomad look

Demo: and Tono comes with its strong, clean and minimal futuristic aesthetic which is very easily recognizable as the future vibe of our style. And this fusion between these two completely different directions shapes the vision of DEMOBAZA.

Europe Weekly News: You have often said that DEMOBAZA was “the fashion of the human future”. What does this human future look like? What is he dreaming of?

Demo: Yes, DEMOBAZA is a story about our dreams and how we envision the new human being, during and after this period of transition between the future and the current humanity. We see humans as “lightworkers,” confident in themselves, grounded in their true purpose, and having achieved their solid balance. The new human being is in unity with nature as the main source of wisdom and lives in total synchronicity with it. The new human being is a spiritual warrior fighting for the universal truth that love is the greatest power in this existence and is beyond all control and manipulation.

Europe Weekly News: The DUNE movie reportedly featured over 2,000 costumes. What part of this mystical desert space fantasy world did DEMOBAZA play?

Tono: We bring this idea of ​​”space desert odyssey” into real life and make it available for people here and now. Which is actually our main job as artists and as a fashion brand; we bring down and materialize ideas from the morphogenic fields into the physical world.

Europe Weekly News: You are going to present at Los Angeles Fashion Week this year. What can we expect from the DEMOBAZA track?

Demo: We will present our new Fall/Winter ’22 collection. We can say that it is in the continuity of our storytelling, and it will be very futuristic in black, red and beige colors with sustainable and organic materials and natural fibers.

European Weekly News: Are there any celebrities who inspire you – or would love to dress, and why?

Demo: We are mainly inspired by things created by God in our lives, which are beyond human power to create, and this is the foundation of all our inspiration. Otherwise, a human being and a celebrity that we have always admired as an artist, who always had a bright and inspiring message is definitely Michael Jackson.

European Weekly News: What are DEMOBAZA’s plans for the future?

Tono: We are grateful for each and every beautiful soul who finds us, and shares our vision and our path, so that in the future, we can be extremely honored to expand our community, and spread love and light, and bring many beautiful transformations to our fellow human beings.


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