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Le Vian Red Carpet Revue Trend Forecast and Fashion Show is an age-old ritual of JCK Las Vegas. And the 23rd annual event, presented on Sunday, June 12 in the Delfino Ballroom on Level 4 of The Venetian, promised to be more influential than ever, as jewelry buyers searched for clues to help them navigate a world post-pandemic.

“After two years of hardship, destruction and division, we yearn for inner peace and tranquility,” said Eddie LeVian, CEO and Chief Designer of the company. JCK. “After being locked down and working from home, we are looking to come to life.”

To help steer retailers towards the themes driving jewelry trends for the year ahead, Le Vian offered seven sentiments that sum up the mood of 2023: Alive, Tranquility, Balance, euphoria, spontaneity, inner strength and Optimism.

“We use mega sentiments as a guide to consumer sentiments,” says LeVian. “We look at jewelry designs that symbolize those feelings that resonate with consumers.”

Here, LeVian gives more details on the emotional trends in store for 2023.


Le Vian blueberry sapphire diamond necklace
Necklace with Blueberry Sapphires and Vanilla Diamonds in 18k Vanilla Gold; $31,398

“For 2023, we will be… inspired by warm clear blue skies, ethereal waters and deep blue seas. reflecting a state of inner peace in in the form of blue Ceylon sapphires and deep blue topazes.


Emerald ring Le Vian costa smeralda
Haute Couture Ring with Costa Smeralda Emerald and Vanilla Diamonds in Platinum with 18k Honey Gold; $295,050

“After being turned upside down, we yearn for a return to normalcy, a restoration of balance, opportunity, possibility. Emerald gemstones and emerald cut represent balance.


Le Vian ladybug enamel earrings
Enamel Earrings with Chocolate and Bare Diamonds in 14k Honey Gold; $1,448

“Fresh, alluring and electrifying colored glazes bring moments to life, infusing them with joy, providing the perfect antidote to routine and restriction.”


Le Vian stiletto earrings with chocolate diamonds
Chocolate Stiletto Earrings with Chocolate and Nude Diamonds in 14k Honey Gold; $2,098

“The desire for euphoria is universal, and I have to say, nothing delivers it like rich, dark, luxurious chocolate. Expect euphoria of our delicious Godiva x Le Vian collaboration and our new collection of chocolate shavings.

inner strength

Le Vian wedding band in platinum and diamonds
Couture Inner Strength Ring with Vanilla Diamonds in Platinum; $7,148

“Platinum is the precious metal of resilience, purity and style, especially appropriate when we all need to tap into our inner strength. Our Resilience Platinum is alloyed by Le Vian and designed for extra endurance.


Le Vian dragonfly necklace
Necklace with Pomegranate Garnets, Abyssal Blue Topaz, Forest Green Tsavorites, Grape Amethysts, Chocolate Quartz, Vanilla Diamonds and Vanilla Pearls in 14k Vanilla Gold; $21,248

“A primal desire to connect with life itself, nature and a sense of rebirth gave birth to our Beautiful Creations collection. For this, we explored the land, air and sea creations of nature.


Le Vian Sunny Diamond Medallion Necklace
Couture Sunshine Medallions Pendant with Sunshine Yellow and Vanilla Diamonds in 18k Honey Gold; $18,048

“Optimism, like the rays of the sun, illuminates our darkest hours for a brighter future, reflected in Le Vian’s sunny yellow diamonds and our hugely popular Bee Positive collection.”

High: Pendant with 0.33 ct. tw Chocolate Diamonds and 0.33 ct. two nude diamonds in 14k honey gold; $2,298

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