Levi’s launches a collection with the Simpsons + more fashion news

Photograph courtesy of The Simpsons x Levi’s Collaboration

Including how Indigenous Tourism BC and Ecologyst are hoping to slow down the pace of fashion and travel, and Amazon is launching its private label shopping.

The simpsons and Levi’s team up for clothing

Photograph courtesy of Levi’s x The Simpsons

The Simpsons x Levi’s collaboration launched globally this week, and it’s serving up strong nostalgia vibes. Iconic iconography is notable throughout the costume – a reversible quilted vest covered in blue skies and clouds, corduroy pants the The Simpsons‘ signature yellow and T-shirts with printed scenes from the cartoon, to name a few. It’s a collaboration that amplifies how three decades of Springfield have had such an impact on pop culture. Now that’s something to get your hands on.

Amazon launches its first-ever private shopping brand

Amazon Conscious
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

This week, Amazon launched its first-ever private label, Amazon Conscious, which consists of everyday essentials that all have third-party sustainability certifications. From wardrobe staples to home essentials, you’ll be able to order items as easily as you’re used to, while being confident that you’re minimizing your environmental footprint.

Indigenous Tourism BC and Ecologyst slow down the pace of fashion and travel

If there’s one thing most of us can agree on, it’s that travel and fashion are two of life’s greatest joys. This week, BC Indigenous Tourism and sustainable clothing brand environmentalist announced a new partnership that will focus on the intersection and revolution of these two sectors by educating consumers about slow fashion and slow travel. Watch this space as the two brands share audiences, events and insights.

Alexander McQueen releases fashion films

Dior film Lucia: The bag adorned with jewels
Photograph by Sophie Muller

Pop the popcorn. For the first time, Alexander McQueen has worked with talent to create unique concept films that highlight the House’s signature products. Shot by legendary filmmaker Sophie Muller, the first film in the ongoing series is Lucia: the bag adorned with jewels. It features musician Lucia Fairfull with one of the brand’s most iconic accessories, the Jeweled Satchel, and embodies the raw, edgy distinction the fashion brand is known for.

Flowers (and stripes) for spring? revolutionary

Sea Star Beachwear x Frances Valentine
Photograph courtesy of Sea Star Beachwear x Frances Valentine

Cheerful memories of the garden and vibrant hues of striped candies were the inspiration behind the upcoming Sea Star Beachwear x Frances Valentine collaboration. Teaming up to launch a Spring/Summer 2022 collection, the two brands have used their best assets (shoes and prints) to imagine an array of espadrilles, Mary Janes, slides and beach bags, which will make it almost too easy access to the beach. both playful and polite.

The female-led Toronto brand launches THE jumpsuit

studio jumpsuit
Photography courtesy of Studio

Fledgling Canadian womenswear brand Studio launched the Daysuit, an innovative piece that can easily transition from day to night while keeping you comfortable. Available in three styles and three colorways, the suits are produced in small batches from sustainable fabrics in family-run factories.

Uniqlo t-shirts are MoMA masterpieces

Uniqlo MoMA
Photograph courtesy of Uniqlo x MoMA

Uniqlo’s latest collaboration is with the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Named MoMA Art Icons UT collection (UT representing Uniqlo T-shirts), this joint venture aims to make art and museums accessible to as many people as possible. Treat yourself to the rich, creamy blues of Claude Monet water liliesor choose to dress in the surrealist movement with Salvador Dali The persistence of Memory. The full collection can be found in Uniqlo stores across Canada.


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