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Face of the future: “I was at their show in Milan a month ago – I feel crazy that it was already a month ago,” Lili Reinhart said of Max Mara. “I loved the whole show.”

The actress was at a cocktail party on Tuesday night to celebrate her WIF Max Mara Face of the Future Award. She is the 17th recipient, officially receiving the honor at Women in Film’s annual gala on Thursday. The non-profit organization, founded in 1973, advocates for working women in Hollywood.

“I was looking at the outfits I wanted to try on for it, and it was obviously just this chic moment, inspired by Florence Pugh’s little nipples,” she continued, referring to Pugh’s buzzing nipple Valentino looks like the end. “Do you know what I’m saying? »

Reinhart wore a cropped cream turtleneck and high waisted skirt.

“I didn’t know what an honor it was,” she said of the recognition. “I think because I was a little shaken – I hate that word but – why would I get it. I still don’t really understand. But I’m like, ‘OK, cool.’

The award is given to women who experience a turning point in their career, working in film and television, with “extraordinary acting achievement and the embodiment of timeless style and grace”, according to Max Mara. Past winners include Zoey Deutch, Katie Holmes, Zoë Saldana and Ginnifer Goodwin.

“My manager – even though I’m always like, ‘I don’t really know what’s going on or why I’m here’ – she’s like, ‘You know what? You’re doing something right, so keep doing what you’re doing. you do,” Reinhart said. “I’m like, ‘Okay.’ But it really is such an honor. It is not yet fully installed. I think I feel very humbled and very, very grateful. My mother is there, and I’m happy to have my team supporting me. I feel the love.”

Held at the West Hollywood Edition, a partnership between W Magazine and Maria Giulia Prezioso Maramotti (third generation of the Maramotti family and global brand ambassador), the evening featured Deutch, winner of last year’s award; recent Emmy winner Sheryl Lee Ralph; a pregnant Billie Lourd with husband Austen Rydell; Alessandra Ambrosio; Melina Matsoukas; Kathryn Newton; Salem Mitchell; Madison Beer; Lucy Hale; Joy Sunday from Netflix’s upcoming “Wednesday” and Mia Moretti, spinning tunes behind the DJ booth.

Reinhart, who rose to fame for portraying Betty Cooper in The CW’s teen drama “Riverdale,” brings the series to a close — now in its seventh and final season.

“It’s exciting and bittersweet,” she said of the impending transition. “That’s why I try to take every day that I’m on set and enjoy it…but I’m also incredibly excited to start filming, shooting and producing what I’ve been developing for the past year and a year. – half for my own production company.

Small Victory Productions, a partnership with Catherine Hagedorn, has signed its first exclusive television and feature film contract with Amazon Studios. What can we expect?

“A lot of women,” Reinhart said. “Our philosophy was to tell realistic stories about young people today. What it’s like to be a young person in this time, today, which accurately reflects the human experience – not young people written by a bunch of 40-year-old white men in a room. Do you know?” — RYMA CHIKHOUNE

Champagne festivals: Gal Gadot almost played Madame Clicquot, Widow Clicquotvisionary of the “Grande Dame de Champagne”.

“The project obviously never saw the light of day, but I had the opportunity to discover the life of this incredible and so innovative woman,” said the Israeli actress, wearing a Michael Kors dress with a zebra print. . “She dared to do things that women at the time didn’t dare to do.”

On Tuesday evening, Gadot was joined by Laura Harrier and Gwyneth Paltrow at the opening exhibition of “Solaire Culture”. The traveling showcase, which debuted in Tokyo last June, delves into Widow Clicquot‘s history – celebrating 250 years of the champagne house, founded in 1772 in Reims, France.

To honor Madame Clicquot’s entrepreneurial spirit – she is credited with developing the champagne brand identity after taking over the business from her husband when she was a widow in her twenties – Veuve Clicquot commissioned all women artists create works of art for the occasion. Sheila Hicks, Tacita Dean, Pénélope Bagieu, Inès Longevial ​​and Monique Frydman are among the exhibitors.

Frydman’s work, an interactive piece, was popular with guests, who took off their shoes to be immersed inside and take Instagram photos.

“It starts with a great admiration for this woman who, in her time, knew how to take charge of a champagne house and leave her mark,” Frydman said of Madame Clicquot and her interest in taking on the project. “It’s already very rare. Secondly, the drunkenness of Champagne refers to what a painting can evoke. Not the intoxication of alcohol, the intoxication of color, of painting.

Frydman worked with orange, yellow and pink — which fit well with her artist’s palette, she said.

Hosted by art historian Camille Morineau and designer Constance Guisset, the event marks Veuve Clicquot’s first worldwide traveling exhibition. The pop-up, which includes archival items, is open until November 16.

“It’s my first time here, and I love it,” Gadot said of the building at 468 North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Calif. – the ever-evolving 22,250-foot pop-up LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton squares. space destined to become a Cheval Blanc hotel.

“I loved the exhibit,” she continued, noting a painting by Yayoi Kusama. She was going out. “I enjoyed the evening. It was just perfect.

Kusama’s pieces, a portrait and a sculpture, were also notable for Harrier.

“I’m such a fan of her and have been for years,” Harrier said, donning Tory Burch. “Everything she does, I love.”

Veuve Clicquot evokes “the iconic orange label,” she said, and “some late nights for sure. I mean, Clicquot is what you’re looking for when you party, right? —RC

Tomorrow’s vintage: Coach concretizes his (Re)Loved Program, a circular system to remake, manufacture and redesign its used bags in London with its first European pop-up store in Spitalfields Market.

From Thursday to January 16, the “Tomorrow’s Vintage” space will present a selection of (Re)Loved Coach bags, with vintage styles like Dinky, the Saddle and the Cashin Carry from Coach’s archive collection.

The brand will launch a trade-in program that will allow customers to trade in their Coach bag through the Coach (Re)Loved program to be recycled or reinvented in exchange for store credit starting November 1.

Interior of Coach’s ‘Tomorrow’s Vintage’ concept store in London.

Harry Adams/Courtesy

The store also offers a range of free craft bar services, such as leather care to extend the life of a Coach bag, monogramming services and personalization options with pins and patches. , as well as the organization of round tables with guests on a wide range of topics related to sustainability.

New York-based label Tapestry’s pop-up will also feature a digital game element with an interactive scratch map where visitors can win a free pin or patch, as well as curated playlists from London-based independent labels .

(Re)Loved launched in April 2021 with a suite of fast-selling reimagined products. After a bag scandal broke out on social media last October, Coach doubled down on its (Re)Loved program, adding more (Re)Loved items to its stores, and is planning a full rollout across its 162 stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Earlier this year, Coach expanded its (Re)Loved program with an apprenticeship. The program began in June, after which participants can score a job by working and reworking Coach bags. — TIANWEI ZHANG

Sell ​​NFTs: The NFT craze not leaving any time soon. In fashion this year alone, brands like Prada, Burberry, Jason Wu and GCDS dove into the metaverse and engaged with the crypto and gaming community.

MyNFT will showcase Europe's first physical NFT vending machine at the NFT.London conference next week.

myNFT will showcase Europe’s first physical NFT vending machine at the NFT.London conference next week.


MyNFT, an emerging online marketplace for trading non-fungible tokens, seeks to make the transaction as democratic and accessible as possible, starting by merging this relatively new concept of ownership with the old-fashioned vending machine.

The platform has claimed that it will showcase Europe’s first NFT vending machine next week at the NFT.London conference to be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre.

MyNFT said the vending machine, which will be distributed off-site, is designed to bring NFTs into the real world.

The market value of NFTs, which include tokens of varying rarity levels, created by the likes of Dr. Who Worlds Apart, Thunderbirds, and Delft Blue Night Watch, ranges between 10 pounds and 100 pounds.

Hugo McDonaugh, co-founder of MyNFT, said the vending machine is “a fun and quirky way to demonstrate” the market’s goal of removing any barriers to entry into the NFT space.

“There is so much potential in the NFT market and it is such a shame to see some of that go to waste as potential investors are deterred from getting involved by various unnecessary and complicated hurdles.…We are determined to transform NFT investment into a daily activity and take it out of its current clique,” ​​he added.—TZ


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