London College of Fashion designers to debut at Fashion Week


A range of womenswear, menswear, fashion and footwear designers will present their designs at a runway show on February 18.

This is the first time that LCF designers have appeared on the official fashion week program.

LCF will appear for the first time on the official schedule

/ Yicheng Fan / Yanni Fan / Ka Kit Zhang / James Rees

Professor Andrew Teverson, Acting Director of LCF, said: “We are extremely proud to be enrolled in the LFW program for the first time in our history and to showcase our outstanding graduates on the world stage.”

One of the students participating in the show is Adela Babinska, an award-winning womenswear design graduate who specializes in tailoring.

She said the experience was “more than the show itself, but also the opportunity to attend fittings, see all the collections, meet the events team and really feel like part of the community here”.

Womenswear designer Adela Babinska specializes in tailoring

/ Adela Babinska/James Rees

Miss Babinska said she hoped the showcase would open more doors for her in the fashion world.

“This is just the beginning for me, there is so much more to learn and explore,” she added.

Footwear design student Dirk Vaessen said the opportunity to “be part of such a big event is huge for any young designer”.

Designer Dirk Vaessen takes a “futuristic approach” to footwear

/ Dirk Vaessen/James Rees

He added, “It feels especially special to me as the only shoe designer to be part of something that has never happened before.”

Mr Vaessen said his work focuses on “a futuristic approach, to what fashion will look like in 50 years”.

Models wearing his collection “will not walk the catwalk in the traditional sense, they will slide”.

“I’m curious to see what people think about it,” he said.

The creations of shoe designer Lanting Peng will be presented

/ Lanting Peng / James Rees

The MA22 show will take place at the Victoria House Basement in Bloomsbury Square.

As part of LFW’s citywide program, designers will also be able to display their collections in a custom-built showroom and give a digital presentation of their work.

The Masters Graduate Showcase will run from February 17-19.


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