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Mexican lingerie maker slammed as sexist for ad for vibrating World Cup panties

By on March 29, 2021 0

Mexican lingerie company Vicky Form has been criticized for their ‘revolutionary’ World Cup panties that vibrate every time a goal is scored.

The problem isn’t the vibrating panties themselves. This is the way they are marketed.

The ad for Vicky Form’s “Feel the Game” panty, which costs $ 48.32, does not target female sports fans. It targets Men using sexist stereotypes. In it, a woman harasses her man for paying too much attention to football and not enough to her. Then the man gives his wife some vibrant World Cup panties, and she soon stops pestering and gets on the game.


As you can see, the ad portrays women as tormentors who hinder male satisfaction. The “Feel the Game” panty is not something a sports fan chooses for themselves. It’s something a man chooses for her in order to appease her critics.

Needless to say, the vast majority of comments on Instagram criticized the “Feel the Game” ad for its “sexist”, “degrading” and “pathetic” portrayal of women.

Here is just a sample of the anger reaction:

“This ad combines absolutely all of the stereotypes of a woman and is not selling to a sensual, empowered woman but to a woman who works ONLY for sex.”

“I don’t understand how they didn’t take it off… it’s been 4 days. It’s time for the brand to demand a public apology! write another one.

“I have never been so angry with a brand’s ‘publicity’. I don’t even understand what went through the minds of the people who are being paid to make these “ideas / decisions”… Did you really think something about this ad was okay? “

“Ah because we can’t like football or we don’t understand anything unless it’s through sex ?!”

“It is truly unfortunate that such a strong and important brand prefers to perpetuate the Mexican macho mentality instead of eradicating it. As an alarmed trader, as a worried Mexican woman, I am offended. “

Vicky Form certainly should have gone in a different direction for this ad campaign.

Hat tip – [Maxim]

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