MiniKlub makes fashion clothing available for newborns up to 8 year olds


“Just imagine the backdrop of a strong manufacturing unit with all international standards together with the Indian product and design team, this becomes our USP and that is why mothers in India trust us,” shares Anjana Pasi , founder and director of MiniKlub.

Miniklub is an Indian children’s clothing brand that started its retail journey in 2013 with a vision to provide international quality clothing in India. In just a few years, Miniklub has established 85% coverage across India with over 450 multi-brand outlets, leading regional department stores and department stores. We launched Miniklub with a range of clothes for newborns to 2 year olds and when we launched our exclusive outlets across India we extended our offerings from newborn to 6 year olds and added non- clothing to our range to become a complete brand of baby solutions.

Miniklub has also launched its Mini Cuddles sub-brand in the UK in partnership with John Lewis, the UK’s largest cooperative. Mini Cuddles offers a range of comfy clothes for newborns up to 2 years old.

Tell us your creative story and tell us about your vision.

With the experience and knowledge under our belt, we had to go from “thinking” to actually doing it. In 2013, we took the leap.

Why not start a baby brand – inspired by babies and we did! Taking the expertise of running an internationally renowned manufacturing facility – uniquely for baby clothes – adding an eye to product development for international design and complementing it with a high quality line of clothing from 0 to 8 years old with all international safety standards.

The dream come true is growing day by day, growing from a small retail brand in India to an international brand in the UK and beyond.

What is the brand’s USP and who is its target audience?

Baby or children’s clothing as a segment requires a lot of research before developing products that we deliver the final product to our customers. Understanding the products, the material used, the design and the manufacturing by the right manufacturer becomes essential. As a brand, we have a good understanding of manufacturing as our core business is manufacturing for international babywear brands. Just imagine the background of a strong manufacturing unit with all international standards joined together with the Indian product and design team, this becomes our USP and that is why mothers in India trust us when they purchase a product in our stores or online for their babies. / min.

How has the Covid played a significant role in the commercial development of the brand?

The pandemic has changed a lot of things for us and for the whole world. The good thing about our business is that it is pandemic proof, the birth rate never went down throughout the pandemic. Yes, we changed our strategy quickly to adapt to the new normal. Offline contribution declined, but online sales surged, sale increased 10x in two months, marketplace business increased significantly year on year ‘other. We opened 20-25 exclusive stores during the pandemic, the only change was that we moved away from malls to high streets. All in all it was an experience to be had and we kept changing plans as we learned to deal with the pandemic.

What are the future plans for expansion, growth and financing in India?

We are very optimistic as a team and with a strong product range, we are already poised to expand rapidly across India through multi-brand outlets and department stores, exclusive branded stores in markets keys. We plan to open 100 stores by 2024. As for e-commerce, we are betting heavily on our platform and continue to grow in other top e-commerce markets.

We have been a self-funded company since its inception. In the next 2-3 years, we are looking to target the IPO to inject funds to further grow the business.

What is the market size and opportunities in India?

Children’s clothing is really fashionable today, compared to when we started our journey with Miniklub. Rising disposable income and changing lifestyles, especially in urban areas, are increasing the demand for children’s clothing. The growing number of nuclear families and the growing number of dual income households are driving growth today and this is expected to increase in the coming days. Parents nowadays are willing to spend more on children’s clothing, they want their children to wear the latest trends, adding to this expansion of offline retail and e-commerce is further driving growth. The future is filled with opportunities, brands that will evolve their offer according to consumer needs and stay in touch with consumers will prevail.

What turnover does the brand expect by the end of the year?

We have budgeted 107 cr. for this fiscal year 2021 -2022, we are optimistic to reach the plan number. Considering the growth of our current fiscal year and being positive to emerge from the pandemic in 2022, we expect to reach 150 Cr for the new fiscal year 2022-2023.

What is the way forward for the brand? What new products are planned for launch this year?

We are a group of curious people who work together to bring innovative products to our consumers, we continue to challenge ourselves to create something new and innovative for our customers. As a fashion brand, we want to go one step further and become a brand of complete solutions for newborns up to 8 years old. This gives us the opportunity to introduce many new products into our offerings.

Along with the products we are, we are moving towards sustainability for a better future and making ourselves an eco-friendly brand, our consumers will see products around the sustainable range in years to come.


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