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Morris County native hopes to make Tokyo women’s triple jump history

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A Morris County native is perhaps Team USA’s best prospect to enter 2021 Summer Olympics history in the women’s triple jump event.

Ketura Orji was only three centimeters from an Olympic medal at the Rio 2016 Games. She finished in fourth place – the best result for an American in the history of the event.

“This year I feel like I’m the favorite and I’m expected to win a medal, so there’s a lot more pressure on that,” said Orji.

The 25-year-old will make another jump at the event in Tokyo. She is the current US record holder and won the Olympic trials in June to qualify for her second Olympic team.

“I feel like everything is happening at the right time,” she said.

Originally a gymnast, Orji first entered athletics when she was in Mount Olive High School.

“It was really there that I discovered the sport which is now my career. I have established an excellent relationship with my coaches, they always follow my athletics competitions, ”says Orji.

Orji graduated from Mount Olive High School in 2014 and became an eight-time NCAA Track and Field Champion at the University of Georgia.

She will now try to make history in Tokyo.

“It would mean so much, especially for the women’s triple jump, because we’ve never had an Olympic medalist in this event. So I’m just trying to create a path and really chart a path for future women who want to participate in this event and hope to be successful in it as well, ”Orji said.

The women’s triple jump event will take place on August 1st.

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