New Norfolk Fashion Designers 2020


8:00 p.m. July 4, 2022

When it comes to the future of fashion, Norwich University of the Arts is at the forefront.

Former graduates of its BA (Hons) Fashion course have started successful careers for a variety of brands and labels, including Mint Velvet, Opera Australia, George at Asda and Roland Mouret, or have continued their studies.

Here, nine of this summer’s graduating students share their final collections and the inspiration behind them.

Mia Callista Scott – “The Nature of Nostalgia”

Mia Callista Scott: “The Nature of Nostalgia”
– Credit: Rory James

Mia’s final project explores whether there is an emotional dichotomy between nostalgia and remembrance and questions whether contemplation can be seen as a maladaptive and dysfunctional coping mechanism. The concept embodies the fairy tale illustrations of the Brothers Grimm, the simplicity of childhood and a fascinating connection to nature and the collection of natural objects.

Zoe Brooker – ‘There’s a party in my head’

Zoe Brooker:

Zoe Brooker: ‘There’s a party in my head’
– Credit: Rory James

Zoe’s latest major project was driven by a passion and natural curiosity encompassing inclusive creative cutting techniques, focusing on developing oversized, distorted and exaggerated silhouettes.

The concept meant the projection of discomfort, isolation and feelings of anxiety through the creation of daring chaotic results.

Aurora Hampson – ‘Old New Borrowed Blue’

Aurora Hampson:

Aurora Hampson: “Old New Borrowed Blue”
– Credit: Rory James

Aurora’s project title was inspired by the traditional wedding nursery rhyme.

The term “old” was represented by the recycling of blazers and tweed furniture in response to the creation of a sustainable practice.

‘New’ was illustrated by creating new clothes, ‘borrowed’ was inspired by childhood memories of dressing in their parents’ clothes combined with inspiration from the heritage of Aurora’s ancestors and the ‘blue’ reflected in the color scheme.

Lara Mathews – ‘Kultura’

Lara Mathews:

Lara Mathews: “Culture”
– Credit: Rory James

Lara’s main goal was to generate a sustainable and unisex collection using zero waste pattern cutting techniques including gender, size and race.

Inspiration was drawn from existing survival gear, life jackets and immersion suits in creating functional and useful garments with the aim of protecting communities from global natural disasters.

Megan Tate – ‘Hot Entity House’

Megan Tate:

Megan Tate: “Hot Entity House”
– Credit: Rory James

Megan’s final project was inspired by drag queer culture and performance, promoting positivity, acceptance and confidence.

The concept celebrated expression and body image in creating a multi-size collection, which was deliberately cut to a size 18 and designed to be adjustable using drawstrings and trim to fit to multiple body shapes endorsing inclusivity.

Phoebe Angel – ‘2Point0’

Phoebe Angell: '2Point0'

Phoebe Angell: ‘2Point0’
– Credit: Rory James

Phoebe aimed to merge the luxury lifestyle of the 1920s with the 2020s; recognizing the parallels and evoking the feelings of freedom and optimism felt by individuals post-war and post-lockdown.

The women’s clothing collection was also inspired by burlesque, performance costumes and influential icons of two centuries, fused with traditional tailoring and corsetry techniques.

Bridges of Grace – “It’s all in the head”

Grace Bridges:

Grace Bridges: “It’s all in your head”
– Credit: Rory James

Grace’s final project is inspired by the psychological state and state of mind of emotions surrounding mental health and emotional well-being.

The concept aimed to capture the “beauty in pain” which was captured in distinct outcomes representing dissociation, anger, anxiety, grief, depression and rebirth.

Amy Pollard – ‘Primal Emotion’

Amy Pollard:

Amy Pollard: “Primordial Emotion”
– Credit: Rory James

Amy challenged traditional techniques for making men’s clothing, combining creative fabrication with layering broken plaster and immersing denim garments in paraffin and beeswax.

The progressive collection was inspired by the energy of the 80s northern punk scene, Sex Pistols and The Clash, emphasizing how “rage and sadness must be embraced because their vulnerability can create beauty”.

Emily Daynes – “Female Outrage”

Emily Daynes: “Female Outrage”

Emily Daynes: “Female Outrage”
– Credit: Rory James

Emily was inspired to produce a collection for the female target market GENZ, inducing a sense of empowerment in the female form, encouraging confidence and assertiveness.

The concept fused ’90s influence with oversized silhouettes to create eye-catching and revealing garments, celebrating the juxtaposition of feminine and masculine.


All Clothes: NUA BA (Hons) Fashion 2022

Photography: Rory James

Assistant photographer: Elliott Lacey

Models: Alfie L, Lilian, Rae @ Crumb Agency and Hannah Sidell

Hair and MUA: Eleanor Harnden

Styling: Lucia Debieux

Filmed on location at Norwich University of the Arts


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