Paris Fashion Week fall-winter 2022: the dominant trends


As Paris Vogue Week Fall/Winter 2022 kicked off, the runway was once again lit up with avant-garde concepts and developments. Major creators and big names in the industry welcomed the series especially after a long hiatus following the COVID-19 pandemic and audiences were brought to a long-awaited trending extravaganza.

As the world steadily begins to get back in the saddle, luxury trend houses have taken to the coveted spaces of Paris Vogue Week to showcase their collections and ranges with types and developments that are sure to dominate the next 12 month.

The City of Lights noticed the right combination of ruffled jeans and high fashion dresses and clothes during the week. From Off-White’s electrifying show to Dior’s dark and protective show, fashion week ushered in bold, never-before-seen looks like this staged for 2022.

Although there was a move to physical tracks, in an effort to adhere to protocols, the shows were also streamed online with additional footage on the Paris Fashion Week website and instagram treat with.

Here is the list of developments and elegance concepts from Paris Vogue Week Fall/Winter 2022

Excessive thigh drama

Photo credit: Givenchy/ @givenchyofficial/ Instagram

The versatility of footwear is again and the way. From pop colors to neutral tones – leather boots can elevate an outfit taking it to a whole new level. Givenchy showed how this statement piece could be paired with lighter weight garments or bold monochromatic garments to create a look that’s not just fashionable and fun, but also elegant.

Or you can take inspiration from Isabel Marant who paired them perfectly with a knit mini outfit and even an oversized coat, for that layered drama. The Fall/Winter assortment articulates that no matter the season, boots are generally a staple with a number of outfits and create accented looks to last all day.

Courrèges confirmed how perfectly dark boots go when paired with spliced ​​leather pants in colors like burgundy, black, silver, cherry purple and orange. When paired with the vinyl mini skirt, the end result is informal and sporty with a touch of class.

weird bags

Photo credit: eytys/Instagram

Cozy class seems to be the new norm and the construction is going from strength to strength. Paris Vogue Week 2022 saw many fashion houses sporting disheveled pants, oversized coats and jackets to create a bulky ensemble that’s comfortable to hold.

The fashion evolution that dominated the 90s and 2000s is making a comeback and is here to make the 12 month even trendier. Loose oversized denims and jeans, with ragged edges, skimpy hems, whimsical patchwork and cargo pockets make the pants a moderately glamorous statement statement. Paired with futuristic form-fitting components, like by Balmain or oversized coats and jackets, like by Zits Studios or EYTYS, the disheveled trouser is a serious development, certain to take over as people take to the streets after an extended hole. following a pandemic.

Layered influence

Paris Fashion Week Trends: Layering
Photo credit: ceciliebahnsen / @ceciliebahnsen/Instagram

Layering has by no means created intrigue and suspense and no one knows that better than Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton and fledgling designer Cecilie Bahnsen. The Paris Vogue Week parade had enough proof of this.

Juggling denim and leather, Isabel Marant seems to have hit the nail on the head. Whether it’s pairing a men’s denim jacket or an oversized coat over a sheer mini dress, a leather jumpsuit over a fuzzy shirt worn by Bella Hadid or maybe a knit dress paired with boots excessive motorcycling, this development is all about raising the bar with tomes.

Taking fantasy as its mantra, Louis Vuitton transported youth to a utopian site of adolescence. A light dress tied at the waist with a cardigan or giant coats over voluminous shirts and pants made its assortment suitable for the youngest. In line with the brand’s theme, romantic beliefs, hope for the longer term blossom in layers of intricate silhouettes.

Cecilie Bahnsen, however, took stylish layering to a different stage. The Danish designer’s gift opened with a study by Tove Ditlevsens’Nocturnal wandering‘, which was first translated into English by Michael Favala Goldman. Light, monochromatic outfits consisting of fitted shirts with puffed sleeves and trousers made the poet’s voice ring out loud and clear to strike a chord.

Monochrome video games

Paris Fashion Week: Monochrome
Photo credit: Official Dior/ @dior/ Instagram

The big manufacturers seem to take a lot of pleasure in it. Creating never-before-seen silhouettes with avant-garde craftsmanship, whether it’s cut-out mini-garments, sequined jumpsuits and “Madonna meets the street” necklines, in reference to Mary in the work of the Renaissance, Valentino reveals learning to play like a veteran. Down an uncharted road in the region of Pink PP, a shade of fuchsia, eponymous until now, inventive director Pierpaolo Piccioli has carved out racy outfits of pointed overcoats, collarbone-revealing dresses and exaggerated platform shoes.


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Attached to the somber and gloomy topicality of this era, Givenchy’s inventive director Matthew M Williams gave it a regular feel. The results are seen in leather leggings and baseball caps, band tees, thigh high boots, mini briefs and long trench coats. No wonder he was the former creative director of Kanye West’s clothing line.

A gallery of large female portraits based on the history of painting from the 16th to the 19th century, by Mariella Bettineschi, impressed the Dior collection at Paris Vogue Week. With a tacit understanding of the situation of women and a desire to break the mould, Dior has created outfits that push boundaries and question judgments.

Vogue to message

PFW trends: fashion with a message
Photo credit: Balenciaga/ @balenciaga/ Instagram

Balenciaga took a tough stance in the face of grim reality as the house deleted all of its Instagram posts days before the Paris show and only posted a photo of the Ukrainian flag. In fact, Demna Gvasalia, wondered whether or not to be present in any regard.

The company was warned at the start of the show by the creative director himself, where he wrote, “Fashion week feels like some kind of nonsense. I thought for a moment about canceling the show that my team and I have been working hard on and that we’ve all been looking forward to. But then I realized that canceling this show would mean giving in, surrendering to the evil that has already hurt me so much for almost 30 years. I decided that I could no longer sacrifice parts of myself to this senseless, heartless ego war.

For the presentation, titled ‘360° Show’, a large round environment at Le Bourget airport was reworked in the midst of a post-apocalyptic snowstorm. The interpretation then tilted to another relevant global situation – local climate change. While some appeared in heavy faux fur coats and high heels, others, as if caught off guard, were seen only in underwear and sneakers. In addition, they wore the all-new Balenciaga Mycelium-based “leather” bag. Closure 2 looks like a yellow tracksuit and an uneven shiny blue dress sent a quiet but robust message.

Balmain has taken its arsenal of craftsmanship quite significantly with fitted corsets, padded jackets and futuristic motorcycle gear. It couldn’t be a response to the continued aggression on the neighboring borders of Ukraine and Russia, the Balmain collection was a direct nod to empowerment and unity in the face of adversity. The unspoken expressions of burnt bandages worn by the house’s inventive director, Olivier Rousteing, after experiencing a harrowing fire at his home in 2021, transformed the voice and inspiration behind the protective, golden look of the designs. Development symbolizes hope and the fact of solidarity in opposition to aggression, taking us to a higher world than today.

The tweed affair

Paris Fashion Week: fashion with a message
Photo credit: Chanel/ @chaneloffiial/ Instagram

Ranging from invitation and upholstery, it was a tweed giveaway all the way to Chanel. Art designer Virginie Viard created a gridded mix of brilliant colors like pink, turquoise and purple against an autumnal background.

Appearances were accessorized with chunky thigh high stockings, thigh high boots and signature chain shoulder handbags, which also appeared in mini sizes. Society instantly remembered the opening scene of Pablo Larran’s latest film, Spencer, where Kristen Stewart’s wardrobe was topped off with the brand, especially when fashion came in wearing bright tweeds with short skirts and guild buttons.

Standing in solidarity with the somber mood in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine, The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life” played as Chanel fashions appeared in schoolgirl hairstyles. Chanel announced Friday that it would abandon its activities in Russia, with LVMH Hermes and Kering.

Curve itself

PFW Trends: Curve
Photo credit: Dries Van Noten/ @driesvannoten/ Instagram

Feminine molds and petite couture are among the rising developments that have hit the Paris Vogue Week runway in some ways. Dries Van Noten, Courrèges and Rochas crossed over to the option of curves to usher in a whole new development of lightly draped blouses with puffed sleeves, jackets and cuts with rounded shoulders or seams.

The sketchy prints and bejeweled outfits of Dries Van Noten, against the informal evening wear of the Courrèges lady or the strong color blockings and extensive fur fringes of the house of Rochas, all styled with rounded and curved shapes , have established themselves as winners throughout that.

(Primary and photo credit: Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Chanel/ @givenchyofficial, @louisvuitton, @chanelofficial/ Instagram)


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