Popular anime website Otakukan set to launch its fashion news vertical


Widely Followed Anime Publishing Website OtaKuKan gearing up for the mega launch of their fashion news vertical in addition to their existing offerings of all things anime. The website aims to offer news on fashion trends and major happenings in the fashion world with its fashion news portal.

The fashion world has changed by leaps and bounds and the OtaKuKan team also found the opportunity to introduce a fashion segment into their business to meet the ever-changing needs of fashion enthusiasts. This step will also allow OtaKuKan to enter a highly desirable content category like fashion.

The OtaKuKan team has become the one-stop destination for fans around the world in the anime content segment and they plan to venture into different offerings by understanding the changing needs of the audience.

OtaKuKan is a top name in the anime world, which is followed by thousands of anime enthusiasts for top episodes of their favorite shows, quotes, pictures, etc. and the introduction of fashion content will definitely help them cater to a wider audience.

Launch dates will be announced shortly. The team also reiterated that the launch will follow the same pattern as their anime offerings and will be a treat for anyone interested in global fashion.

After delivering the latest in the anime genre, the founders will soon be showcasing their knack for exclusive content from the global fashion industry to their viewers.


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