Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Character Style Breakdown


Costume designer from “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” Megan Stark EvansFashion from the popular franchise is reimagined for the HBO Max reboot. She has assembled a meticulously researched wardrobe for main characters Imogen, Tabby (Chandler Kinney), Faran, Mouse (Malia Pyles), Noa [Maia Reficco]and Karen and Kelly Beasley (“Mallory Bechtel”) to do so.

There are over 400 costume changes in Season 1. It’s a great way to unpack the series and connect with the original series, which debuted on Freeform in 2010. The setting has changed – Rosewood has brought to life from a scene in LA, while Millwood is imagined as a blue-collar factory town filmed in upstate New York – just like the wardrobe.

Evans, who previously worked on FX’s Oscar-winning “Sound of Metal” films “A Teacher,” you can also email POPSUGAR to make that distinction. “Our ‘PLL’ is more grounded, a mix of gritty realism with fun teenage fashion,” she said. “The original ‘PLL’ used a lot of heels, fancy short dresses and light jackets because they often turned inside. We were shooting outsides in 0 degrees with snow on the ground. This makes the style more natural by default .

High heels are no longer a staple of women’s fashion collection. “Today it’s chunky cool sneakers, block heel Mary Janes, menswear-inspired shoes like loafers, tough flats or platform combat boots. Our Liars explore mysteries and flee A over the rocky terrain of Millwood, and they can’t do that on spiked rigs.

Image source: Megan Stark Evans


Above: Megan Stark Evans on the set of ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’.

Evans was still influenced in some ways by the early characters of I. Marlene King. She didn’t speak to the original costume team, but she was sure to make some subtle connections. “You could say Tabby has undertones of Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) preppy style through his edgy menswear, Noa translates some of Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) sporty style and Karen draws inspiration from the Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) consistent use of the color pink and perfectly put together outfits,” she said. “Rosewood varsity jackets even appear in the carnival episode, and girl group Rosewood High featured at the carnival is directly inspired by the original PLLs.”

Evans confirms that more than half of each character’s costumes are vintage or second-hand. She also tapped small designers to create a unique, understated look that echoes everyday street style.

She shares her mood board with the cast and shares some behind-the-scenes snaps.


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