Seattle fashion designers are doing wonders with a wardrobe staple


A Sarah Alexandra shirt offers custom design without sacrificing comfort. Sponsored by Wardrobe.

SEATTLE – A Sarah Alexandra shirt can easily be described as polished without the fuss.

The brand is named after designer Sarah Alexandra McKinney, who operates a shop in the Madison Valley neighborhood of Seattle.

“The shirt looks really good on so many different people on so many different body types of all ages,” McKinney said.

The shirt’s secret sauce starts with the material. McKinney sources the finest cottons and cashmeres and is made in Italy.

But what makes the shirt particularly noteworthy is the design. And for that, Sarah turned to a family recipe.

His mother, Renee Bassetti, designed the shirt over 30 years ago, featuring a signature flared collar and concealed front button placket.

“People from all over the world would come to her at the Fairmont and order the shirts when they were in town,” McKinney explained. “And I kept thinking, ‘How can we make this easier for them?'”

With the encouragement of her mother, the Sarah Alexandra brand was born.

It’s a ready-to-wear collections and McKinney has since added his own designs to the mix.

But what remains the same is the desire to make styling easy.

“You can walk into a lecture hall, you can walk into your kid’s school. It’s something you don’t have to worry about,” McKinney said. “You can put it on, go about your day and look well dressed.”

So whether you try it in a Sarah Alexandra boutique or rent it as part of Cabinet, a Sarah Alexandra shirt is definitely worth a look.

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