Some high-end fashion designers don’t give you their outfits because you’re not so and so


Actress Yami Gautam has never been known to mince words and has now come out to talk about fashion designers in the film industry who don’t treat all actors very well. The actress, who looked spectacular at her wedding a few months ago, says she decided to go with her mother’s saree as there were a few designers she had to deal with affair in the past, who are very picky about who they give away their outfits.

She said that while she had designers she could completely rely on, there were still few who were acting difficult. In an interview with Indian Express, she said: “My marriage was an extension of my personality and my core values. I’m lucky to have a partner who thinks like me. Marriage is your day, you have to do whatever you feel like doing, which brings you happiness. Nobody should tell you that.

She added, “I’ve been privileged to have some really good designers that I can lean on. But, even in the fashion industry, there are high-end designers who won’t give you their outfits because you’re not so-and-so. It’s the whole system. I remember hearing that once about me. This person said, ‘No, this lehenga is not for you’, and I was like, ‘What, why?!’, and they said, ‘No, it just doesn’t work with this designer.’ It was so mean. I don’t understand what the criteria are, how can you make someone feel so bad? But that’s not true for all designers, some of them are really good with their work and their attitude, but there’s always a bad apple.

That’s why she felt she wouldn’t let anyone else ruin her special day. “That’s when I decided to never let anyone make me feel bad about myself. You are very good at everything you do and never try to fit someone’s “dress”. I had it in my head that when it’s my special day, it’s going to be my way. It was going to be my mother’s saree, because of how I feel about it and connect with that emotion. Our rituals were very important to me, absorbing everything we did was of utmost importance to us, and we did that,” she said.


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