Stranger Things fashion: an ode to 80s style


Some movies and shows released on OTT platforms have achieved powerful and cult status. They give audiences the opportunity to revisit and evaluate the fashion statements that significantly define an era. These shows also influence ever-changing fashion trends.

Such is the effect of the tone of fashion set in the chaotic “Upside-Down” world of Hawkins in stranger things streamed on Netflix. Adapted from the 1980s, the curated styles in the show focus on dressing high school teenagers, as well as other characters such as their parents, teachers, and scientists, who must battle mythical creatures like demogorgons and demo-bats in parallel. dimension.

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Crossing four seasons, like the scenario of stranger things progresses, as do its characters and their dress sense. And credit for inherently depicting this evolution goes to the mastermind – costume designer Amy Parris.

From bold hairstyles to loud makeup, bright pastels and other immortal retro essentials – think mules, perms, suspenders, vintage maxi skirts, polka dots, leather jackets, high-cut swimsuits, huge buckle belts – stranger things embrace everything.

Cara Buono plays the character of Karen Wheeler in Stranger Things. (Amy Parris/Instagram)
stranger things Characters Eddie Munson and Steve Harrington won over audiences with their mullet hairstyle. (Netflix India/Instagram)
stranger things The classic ‘Country Club’ look. (Stranger Things/Instagram)

Parris, the mastermind behind Seasons 3 and 4’s unconventional sets, spoke with Netflix Tudum and explained in detail his thoughts behind dressing each character.

With the plot of the series venturing into an otherworldly realm – where a group of friends need the perfect outfit to unexpectedly fight off killing creatures – she said: “ They have to go fight. They have to go fight. So I’m thinking logistically of what’s in their closet downstairs.

“Audiences like to look at clothes, and I want to give them something to look at.”

She further appreciated the contributions of the Duffer Brothers, executive producers of the show. tudum wrote, “Matt and Ross Duffer always collaborate in the costume design process, adding insights into what suits a group of cool teenagers on a steady path to self-discovery, without making them too slick – these are nerds, after all. ”

When it comes to styling the key characters, Eleven, for example, has come a long way from her white medical gown and buzz cut look to vibrant outfit and bangs. Parris explained the idea behind her dressing, “Her style is weird. There were times when I was like, it’s so weird, but I think it’s the right feeling because she doesn’t know where does she go.

The stylist confessed that she loved Eddie and how real the character felt. With Eddie being a fan of Metallic, she wanted everything about the outfit to be authentic. She revealed to tudumDio was a popular band in the 80s, and we contacted the estate [of the late Ronnie James Dio to source a band shirt]. His wife is in charge of his estate and offered to send us some vintage T-shirts, which was such a dream.

Overall, the show’s aesthetic is an ode to the 1980s. And with Parris’ favorite part of the job being giving key characters their sartorial shine – as mentioned by tudum – she played a crucial role in depicting the characters’ transition journey from their pre-teen phase to entering the teenage stage, with a much more enhanced and quirky taste in fashion.

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