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From athleisure to nose rings, here’s how young celebrities nailed the 2022 teen fashion trends.

Teen fashion is constantly changing and every teen wants to keep up with the trend to look up to date with everything cool this year. If you want to keep up with trendy fashion in the best way, these amazing teen celebrities can show you how you can do it. Read on to find out what the latest teenage fashion trends are and how you can master them.

1. Layering

Layering an outfit is one of the most popular ways to dress up this year. There are lots of ways to layer an outfit, from cute shrugs to cool shirts. You can play around with different textures, colors, and fabrics with this dress style, and there are countless outfit combinations you can choose from.

Avneet Kaur layered her gray camisole with a white colored georgette shrug for an elegant look.

2. Graphic Print Pants

Pants with graphic prints are very popular right now. These pants look funky and can be paired with everything from tank tops to bright sweaters. This style is also a celebrity favorite.

Teen actor Anushka Sen wore these printed pants with a black tank top.

3. Athletics

Activewear is a trend that has been around for a while and is both comfortable and fashionable. They combine sporty and casual styles, making them a favorite among GenZ. You can wear these fashionable clothes anywhere, including the gym, running errands, and on day trips.

Avneet Kaur has donned blue and white sportswear which gives her a chic and sporty look.

4. John

Denim is always in style, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate this on-trend style into your wardrobe. One of the trendiest ways to wear denim is to layer jackets, as Roshni Walia does. Also, you can put on denim tops, pants and skirts. Even wearing denim over denim, as Jannat Zubair did, is a very stylish look.

5. Oversized

The oversized or baggy dressing room is another trend among teens this year. Whether baggy tees, baggy coats or slightly large dresses, they are favorites of celebrities and fashion influencers.

Anushka Sen teamed her pink puffy dress with a trunk bag and trendy white sneakers. She added a pair of hoops as an accessory to her outfit for an elegant look.

6. Septum nose ring

Septum nose rings are a very popular trend. Many young people choose this look, in which some get their septum pierced while many opt for fake septum rings.

Avneet Kaur posted a photo of herself wearing a gold nose ring amidst the fashion, and she received lots of positive comments online.

7. White Sneakers

White sneakers are trending this year and many of us think they are here to stay. White sneakers can be worn with almost anything, including jeans, skirts, and activewear, and they come in a variety of styles.

Ashnoor Kaur wore her white sneakers with a red top and white overalls.

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