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The Denton woman who is said to look like Audrey Hepburn almost every day

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An aspiring fashion designer has shared how she is compared to Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn almost every day.

Denton has her own “fair lady” with Mia Jones who looks strikingly like the megastar Audrey.

Mia, 23, didn’t realize her eerie resemblance to the movie legend until she had her bangs cut by her hairstylist mother Adele at the age of 16.

Adele, 54, cut it short to make the style last longer, but almost overnight people started comparing Mia to the My Fair Lady actress.

Mia then adopted her signature winged eyeliner and chic sartorial sense.

After falling in love with her films, she decided to study fashion and photography and obtained a first-class honors degree.

Mia is now compared to the actress, who died in 1993 at the age of 63, up to four times a week by strangers.

She said, “I had really short bangs from when I was little.

“My mom is a hairdresser and I always asked her to cut it at the brow level, but she always cut a little shorter so that she didn’t have to do it too often.

“She was so busy and didn’t want to have to do my hair all the time.

“I had watched My Fair Lady when I was younger because we had the video and it was one of my mom’s favorites.

Mia’s short bangs led to the comparisons

“I didn’t know who Audrey Hepburn was at the time, but it was also one of my favorite movies.

“It was good when people said I looked like him and I understood that was what they meant.

“I wasn’t complaining.”

She added: “I was about 16 when it all started.

“Several times a week, people would tell me that I look like Audrey Hepburn.

“People in college, friends of my mom and dad, and it even happened to Primark.

Mia Jones pictured growing up

“I think it was because of the Galaxy ad that contained an Audrey Hepburn CGI.

“A lot of people in college said ‘you look like the lady on the Galaxy ad’.

“I watched a few of his movies and I got into the style and makeup and it all came from there.

“I had thought about doing art in college, and I took a year of foundation art courses, but it inspired me to do fashion.

“I absolutely loved the movie Funny Face.

Audrey Hepburn pictured in the famous little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

“It’s all about fashion and photography, so I did photography too.

“I like really cheesy musicals like that.”

Audrey’s black dress by fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy, worn in the 1961 romantic comedy film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, is cited as the most famous little black dress of all time.

Inspired by the collaboration between Hepburn and Givenchy, Mia decided to make a career in fashion.

She went to Stockport College to take a basic art course, then went to Salford University to study fashion in September 2018.

She said: “I think it was when I noticed her collaboration with Givenchy, I wanted to find a career in fashion.

Mia now wants a career in fashion

“I absolutely loved the way these two brought fashion and screen together.

“Even though it wasn’t the first time this had happened, it was still a great moment for cinema and fashion.

“She made the tight little black dress a lot more popular than it was before.

“I feel like she was a big influencer with that classic ’60s style.

“When I watched the movies when I was 16 or 17, I really started to copy his style.

“I love the winged eyeliner.

“Once I copied it, it kinda stuck with me.

Mia adopted her signature winged eyeliner

“I really like the way her everyday style is really laid back and in the movies she wears really high end clothes.

“There is no middle ground.”

She continued, “In Sabrina, another of my favorites, she wears a Givenchy suit and I really liked this classic style, so I started wearing a lot.

“Now I wear her casual look more because of the lockdown. “

Mia graduated with an Honors BA in Fashion, Image Creation, and Styling.

She currently works at a golf club and hopes to land her dream job in fashion when it all opens up again.

Describing the similarities between her and Audrey, she said, “There are a lot of things about us that are similar.

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“I have a big forehead like Audrey, and my eyebrows are quite thick and straight like hers, and I have rather small features like her.

“My neck is quite long and thin like his.

“When I watched documentaries about her, it seemed like she didn’t really like being in the spotlight.

“I feel a bit like that sometimes.

“In the documentary, she has a lot of insecurities like mine.

“She had the courage to follow her dreams, she pleaded for kindness and tried to make the world brighter.

“There are also differences.

“I’m a few inches shorter than her, and I’m obsessed with shopping for clothes, but I do a lot of charity shopping, which Audrey certainly didn’t.”

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